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Gearbox Announces New Borderlands 2 DLC and Additional Level Cap Increase

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Gearbox Software CEO and President, Randy Pitchford, announced a couple of weeks ago in a nerdist podcast that Borderlands 2 had some more DLC coming, but didn’t really go too much into it except for saying “Everyone has this expectation that those would be the four DLCs and then that’s it!” he then added “We’re going to do more. We’re ...

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Borderlands 2 Producer Confirms Level-Cap Increase In The Works


With the recent release of the third downloadable content expansion for Gearbox’s shoot-em-and-loot-em-up Borderlands 2, the game’s associate producer has confirmed that an increase to the game’s level cap is on the way.   Speaking in an article on OPM, James Lopez confirmed that the inevitable increase to the game’s current level cap of 50 will be coming to fans ...

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‘Borderlands 2’ max level cap increase coming early next year


Since the initial release of “Borderlands 2,” many fans of this title have been wondering if Gearbox will provide an extension of the max level cap, as was done in the original “Borderlands.” Currently, “Borderlands 2” is gearing up for the release of the Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC, which is to expected to be released in January of ...

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