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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 for PS4 Confirmed! Release Date & Trailer Here

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Splash Image

While everyone is still waiting for more news and information for the much awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix and Disney announced that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX will be coming to the PS4 in March of 2017 in a new compilation simply called Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX. The remastered compilation will bundle six ...

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GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC: Everything You Need to Know!

GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC

GTA 5 Online players receive an early treat this Halloween as Rockstar rolls out some fitting seasonal DLC. Announced on their official news page, Rockstar is treating their players with a terrifying new LCC Sanctus motorcycle, a new Adversary Mode between the forces of Good and Evil,  as well as some other goodies to celebrate three years worth of content for GTA Online. ...

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Overwatch Sombra Reddit Reveals November Release of ARG Character?

Overwatch Sombra Reddit

In the latest news regarding Blizzard’s controversial ARG, it looks like the next big announcement regarding Sombra is set to come out this November 1. Overwatch Sombra Reddit members seem to have decrypted the code. Update on the Overwatch Sombra ARG For those out of the loop, the last big discovery regarding the Sombra ARG occurred last week when a live patch ...

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Titanfall 2 Review: WATCH Xbox One vs PS4 Gameplay Comparison Here

Titanfall 2 Review

Any Titanfall 2 review may tell fans that the biggest asset of the game is not its titan-pilot action, but its intense customization. The game takes a distant turn from its pure-multiplayer predecessor, and now Titanfall 2 is here to take home the gold. However, console players may ask – which would any Titanfall 2 review recommend? Should I get the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox ...

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Rainbow Six Siege DLC Leaked; Update 4.3 Improves Gameplay

Rainbow Six Siege DLC

When there’s too much room for first-person shooters, it’s best to go back to classics. Ubisoft is ready to release another Rainbow Six Siege DLC for those itching to play with tactics. The newest Rainbow Six Siege DLC is titled Operation Skull Rain, and it’s as ominous as ever. However, players will notice that there are no operators in Update 4.3. Rather, the new Rainbow ...

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Xbox Games with Gold vs PS Plus November 2016 Games: Which is Better?

PS Plus November 2016

Monthly free games are starting to become a thing with the biggest gaming publishers today. However, with October ending and big shots Microsoft and Sony releasing more free games, which is the best among the Xbox Games with Gold vs PS Plus November 2016 games? Players will have a bit of a hard time choosing between the selection of games both ...

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Final Fantasy 15 Movie Trailer ‘Omen’ & DLC Revealed! Comrades Pack adds Online Co-Op

Final Fantasy 15

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise are more than excited to get a hold of Final Fantasy 15. The latest sequel to the series will bring players to a more modern iteration of the game’s universe. However, Final Fantasy 15 will bring more than just a familiar world to fans. It seems Square Enix has a lot more surprises now that the game has gone ...

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Dishonored 2 Release Date Trailer: 2-Hour Gameplay Preview Released Today!

Dishonored 2

How do you regain your stolen birthright? This will be a question Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano will answer in Dishonored 2. But while players are busy waiting, they can at least revel in the newest gameplay preview from Bethesda Softworks. Players are one month away from living a new tale inside a steampunk version of Victorian England. Corvo Attano will ...

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Resident Evil 7 Demo Trailer: Watch Immortal Enemy Gameplay; No More Zombies?

Resident Evil 7

When a homicidal cannibal is out to kill you, it seems a good bullet to the head is an option. But what if he doesn’t die? This is the latest mystery from the recent Resident Evil 7 trailer. Resident Evil 7 continues to become one of the most highly-anticipated horror games on the horizon. Its claim to depart from the zombie-infested Resident Evil formula is ...

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PS Plus November 2016 Games COMPLETE LIST! Official Line-up Include Dirt 3, Pumped BMX+

PS Plus November 2016

Sony fans have no more reason to wait. The gaming company has finally revealed the PS Plus November 2016 roster. An early reveal meant more time for players to assess titles to pick and which ones from October to keep. Sony reveals six games for this PS Plus November 2016 roster. However, not all games will be playable on every platform, as ...

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