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Microsoft is No Long Manufacturing Xbox 360s


After over 10 years of service, Microsoft is no longer manufacturing manufacturing new 360 consoles. They’ll still sell what’s left of their stocks, but there won’t be any new ones. Of course the 360 is still really active, so while Microsoft is no longer making the console, support isn’t stopping anytime soon. The important points, though, are these: Xbox 360 owners ...

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Microsoft Putting the Axe to Two Studios


Microsoft announced today that it was closing one studio, Press Play out of Denmark, and considering the possibility of closing another, the UK-based Lionhead. That’s right, the future of the makers of Fable and Black & White is in question. Since Peter Molyneux took his 22 Cans and left in 2012, Lionhead has basically coasted along. First with Fable: The Journey, and more recently with still unreleased ...

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Platinum’s TMNT Game Coming Out of Its Shell This Summer


Nope; those leaked screenshots last week weren’t pulled out of the ether by some cruel trickster. There really is a TMNT game coming from none other than Platinum Games. Enter: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan: The website is currently sparse, but the trailer gives the game a Summer 2016 release window. A few more details cropped up on NeoGAF, ...

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Mighty No. 9 Delayed, Needs More Time in the Oven

Mighty No. 9

Keiji Inafune’s Mega Man spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9, isn’t done yet, which shouldn’t be too surprising. This is the game’s third delay. The first was the understandable: “Oh crap, we made a lot more money from Kickstarter; there’s no telling when this thing will be coming out.” Then Mighty No. 9 was delayed from the end of 2015 into February 2016, ...

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