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No Man’s Sky: Resources are Bountiful in Trade Trailer


The third of four No Man’s Sky Pillar trailers is now out. This one, Trade, focuses on the economic aspects of the game, and features primarily footage of you as the player shooting inanimate objects to gather resources to then trade. Remarkably, using your laser weaponry for this purpose seems to prove far more entertaining than shooting actual enemies. Who ...

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Necropolis: Developer Planning to Breathe Life into the City of the Dead


Necropolis released earlier this month to quite the mixed swath of reviews. The game wanted to provide an interesting mix of rogue-like and Dark Souls, but what came out was, in a word, a disappointment. Developer Hatebrained Schemes took note of the fact that many people wanted to like the game, even if shortcomings made it hard. So now they’re making a ...

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