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Will Overwatch’s Next Animated Short, Hero, Have a Surprise?

Soldier 76

Blizzard announced today that the 4th animated short for Overwatch, entitled “Hero,” would premier on their official site this coming Sunday, but might the short also include the reveal of a new character? As Overwatch’s release looms steadily closer, so too does the forth animated short, “Hero,” which focuses on none other than Soldier 76 as he travels to Dorado on a ...

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Latest Overwatch Animated Short Lets the Dragon Consume You


We are now one mere week away from Overwatch’s release, and is yet it again time for another animated short. This one focuses on the Shimada brothers, Hanzo and Genji, in “Dragons.” The animated shorts continue to impress. I think I still prefer the 2nd one, “Alive,” but “Dragons” comes in a close second. It doesn’t exactly reveal anything major that wasn’t ...

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Great War Youtube Channel Analyzes Battlefield 1 Trailer

Battlefield 1

I bet you watched the announcement trailer for Battlefield 1 and thought to yourself, “Jeez, I wonder how accurate DICE is being? Too bad I’m not a World War I specialist.” Lucky you, a Youtube channel covering nothing but the Great War took time (fifteen full minutes to be exact) to analyze the accuracy of what’s show in the Battlefield 1 announcement trailer. As ...

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