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Bully: Anniversary Edition Now Available on iOS and Android

Bully Arrives to Mobile Devices

Take on the role of Jimmy Hopkins once again and relive your adolescence at Bullworth Academy as Rockstar Games releases Bully: Anniversary Edition for iOS and Android devices to celebrate its ten year anniversary. The mobile version of Bully: Anniversary Edition will include everything from the original game as well as the bonus content from Bully: Scholarship Edition, the rerelease ...

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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: List of Pokemon to Collect Before Major Update

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Numerous leaks and rumors are spreading that Niantic will release a major update that gives Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon. All in all, that’s a hundred new Pokemon for players to capture, train, and evolve. But scattered about within that hundred are a few Pokemon that evolve directly from 1st Generation creatures — that is to say Pokemon that you can ...

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Pokemon GO: Starbucks, Niantic Lab Collab for BIG Dec. 8 US Event?! More Details Inside

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO players may want to grab that extra cup from Starbucks this time. It seems Niantic Labs and Starbucks are teaming up! Players ought to watch out for what appears to be a big event tomorrow, December 8, courtesy of Niantic Labs and Starbucks. Previous rumors point towards new additions to the branches, such as drinks and perhaps new ...

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Multiplayer Battles: How to Play Like a Pro, Win Battles

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon tips are readily available with regard to multiplayer battles. You can easily follow these tips and tricks to play seamlessly. These tips will help you get a lot more out of the game than you initially bargained for. Pokemon Sun and Moon tips for multiplayer battles are not hard to follow. Most players stop at fighting ...

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Pokemon GO Christmas Event to Bring More Spawning of Toughest Pokemon like Snorlax, Clefable, Clefiary, 2nd Gen Pokemon Release?

Pokemon GO Christmas Event

Now that Pokemon GO’s Thanksgiving event has come to a close, many are speculating on what Niantic has in store for the Pokemon GO Christmas Event. While the company in question hasn’t released any official statement as of yet, several rumors are already spreading across the web on people either speculating or claiming what will happen come December. So let’s go ...

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