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Minecraft Mods: Sex Mod Download Available; Moms React

Minecraft Mods

Minecraft mods has created a storm online after several disparaging rumors circulated around the same. There are reports of an official sex mod feature available for the game. The reports have sparked widespread concerns amongst parents whose kids are hooked to this computer game. One concerned mother has gone on record about her worries related to Minecraft mods, notes Christian Post. She has claimed that a ...

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Killer Clowns 2016 Video Game Like Pokemon Go Confirmed? Capture Clowns on Mobile

Killer clowns 2016

What do we do when killer clowns are around? With a Killer Clowns 2016 game, then we would probably be able to capture them. Like Pokemon Go? Definitely like the AR game. Police, government officials and even regular citizens are being alarmed with the sudden appearance of killer clowns around various countries. The killer clowns 2016 trend first plagued the United States, but ...

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Hearthstone Decks for iOS, Android: Earn More Rewards in New Heroic Tavern Brawl

Hearthstone Decks

Blizzard’s hit card game Hearthstone is starting to secure the pedestal for the best online TCGs in mobile gaming. However, a new mode allows players to be more powerful with new Hearthstone decks. Competitive players will recognize the popularity of Tavern Brawl. The game mode has impacted the card game’s economy with new cards and straightforward mechanics. But this time, Blizzard has a new ...

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Pokemon Go Update Tips on Catch Bonuses, Gym Training: Everything You Need to Know!

Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon trainers are now able to gather capture bonuses and conduct team battles in the newest Pokemon Go update. But the question remains: Can this get Pokemon Go back in the hype train? The newest update for the game brings about tons of new features for players. Minor factors were the decrease in evolution animation, some bugs, and audio issues. Those annoyed by the ...

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Attack on Titan Game for iOS, Android on December 2016! Details Here

Attack on Titan game

If you are as angry towards Titans as Eren Jaeger, then you’re in luck. Funimation, NGames Interactive Ltd. and GameSamba are all set to make an Attack on Titan game to be released this 2016. The game and animation companies will be working with Kodansha to develop the mobile game based on the hit anime and manga series. Apparently, if all goes ...

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Pokémon Go Update to Activate Rare Capture Bonuses, Team Gym Training & More!

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go players are one step closer to more fierce competitions. Niantic Labs is ready to help players catch rare Pokémon easier with their medals, and a new gym battle mechanic. According to Niantic Labs, a new update now allows players to capture rare Pokémon easier with their medals. Rares of certain variety will have lower difficulty after a set ...

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Pokémon Go Plus Price Review: Useless for $35; Easier Poke Catching But Too Pricey

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokémon Go Plus will be out in stores tomorrow retailed at $34.99, but its limited uses might not be worth the purchase. Nintendo has just announced that the highly successful mobile game Pokémon Go, with more than 100 million downloads worldwide, now comes with an add-on tool — Pokémon Go Plus. Though the game is free of charge, it’s add ...

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