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Vampire Diaries Season 8 Release Date: Elena Won’t Comeback, Ian Somerhalder Hints [Spoilers]

Vampire diaries season 8

Speculations of Nina Dobrev’s return on the Vampire Diaries season 8 have been crushed by Ian Somerhalder who hinted that Elena will not be part of the final season. The eight-year long vampire series has created a wide fanbase not just because of a good plot. Equally, or arguably more important, is the love triangle of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers Damon ...

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The Voice 2016 Judges: Gwen Stefani Returns, Replaces Miley Cyrus [Rumors]

The voice 2016 judges

The Voice 2016 judges are some of the weirdest combinations in the history of the singing contest. Miley Cyrus’ addition to the team has brought to the show a completely different vibe that some audience love, and others not so much. Having Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys as part of The Voice 2016 judges is the first time the show had two female ...

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Killer Clown News: Batman Saves Kids from Killer Clown Purge [Watch]

Beware killer clown hoards, the Dark Knight is here to save the day. The Dark Knight heard the children’s cry for help and is now chasing away the deadly pranksters on the streets. Since last August, killer clown sightings from all over the United States have been reported and the trend has now spread all over the United Kingdom. Police have already ...

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Is Beyonce Dead? Watch Video of Bleeding Ear on Stage Here

Is Beyonce dead after the bleeding accident that took place as she performed on Saturday’s Tidal X 1015? While performing last Saturday for her husband’s benefit concert to highlight education and celebrate philanthropy, Queen Bey accidentally cut her left ear causing it to bleed. According to audience, her high ponytail must have been the reason for the said incident. Concern grew ...

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Eminem New Album 2016: New Donald Trump Diss Track Leaked! Listen Here

Eminem new album 2016

Finally, the legendary rap god confirms that he is working on an Eminem new album 2016. Teasing an explosive comeback and just hours away from the third presidential debate, the hip-hop superstar released an eight-minute long track attacking Trump and his supporters. After three years since his last album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the sensational 44-year old rap icon finally ...

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Dr Dre Wife, Kids & Net Worth: Just Pay Michelle to Shut Up

Dr Dre wife, kids, net worth

Dr Dre wife, kids, net worth are only some of the personal information the public wants to know about the artist. Being a celebrity, everything is on the spotlight including personal life and even the past. Being a high profile artist and producer, Dr Dre is no exception to constant rumors and paparazzi scrutiny. Even his past relationships and experiences ...

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Meteor Shower 2016: How to Watch Orionids Meteors, What Time & Where to Watch?

Meteor shower 2016

Meteor shower 2016 probably is not the best year for astronomy fans. One of the most awaited spectacles this month, the Orionids meteors’ visibility will be hampered by the bright moon appearing the same time as the meteor shower. The Perseids meteors last August was the highlight of the meteor shower 2016 short line up. The other two showers expected ...

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Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid Married in LA? Wedding Gown, Guests & Details Here!

After moving in together just recently, Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid marriage rumors have started spreading like wildfire with the singer reportedly meeting the in-laws. According to a report from The Hollywood Life just a few months ago, the former One Direction singer and the Victoria’s Secret model moved in together in Los Angeles. Prior to moving in, the couple had initially split up ...

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