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Nickelodeon to Animate Unnamed Game: Hints, Sneak Peeks


Popular channel, Nickelodeon appears to be working on the cartoon version of a “famous” video game. Just what this game is, remains a secret. Animation and cartoon fans will be up for a few surprises as the company wants to keep this a secret. Regardless, Fred Seibert of Federation Studios is hinting at something really big. Federation Studios is known ...

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2016 Social Media Recap: The Best of the Best In Social Media This Year

2016 Social Media Recap

Before the year ends, here are the 2016 Social Media Recap from the most talked about trending topics in the different social media spheres. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or the several other social media platforms, this year definitely found an increase in active users. Tweets or posts can be quite a powerful thing, being the rise or downfall ...

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Tech 2016: How Technology Changed The Year; What To Look Forward To Next Year

tech 2016

Tech 2016 played a major role in many of the world’s affairs. This year, it has not only innovated new devices and games but also became a major part of the world’s development in current affairs and politics. Technology has always been part of our daily lives. It has shaped and assisted us in our endeavors from communication to creation. ...

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Tech Acquisitions 2016: Important Deals To Note That Changed Tech This Year

tech acquisitions 2016

Important tech acquisitions 2016 include powerhouse companies buying out small start ups. However, these big players featured today are what we consider as acquisitions that changed 2016. Microsoft has always been in the forefront of technology. In fact, the tech giant is one we consider to be not only smart in innovation but also in picking what to acquire. The ...

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10 Tech Predictions 2017: What To Expect, New Trends & What’s Going Away Next Year

10 tech predictions 2017

Before starting another year, we have gathered 10 Tech Predictions 2017 from different sources and experts. These assumptions for next year are both interesting, surprising and some as expected. Technology has always improved, changed and shifted as quickly as you can say the word tech. Now, more than ever before, new technology is being developed quicker to adapt to the ...

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DC Entertainment: Execs Apparently Do Not Have Plans if Films Flop

DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment execs have revealed quite the alarming tidbit in a Q&A. Apparently there are no contingenices in case a film flops! This quite alarming news confirms what a lot of critics of Warner Bros.’ DC-Comics-based lineup suspected. By the time the studio execs rolled out the ambitious 10-movie slate in 2014, they didn’t have contingencies in case one fell ...

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Denso Tying Up With NEC On Self-driving Technology For Car


Japan major auto parts maker Denso partners with NEC Corporation to develop self-driving automotive technology using artificial intelligence. The auto parts manufacturer wants to tap NEC’s expertise in developing artificial intelligence and software. Denso plans to fast-track its research in automotive parts for next-generation vehicles, Japan Times reports. It hopes to combine its camera and sensor technology with NEC’s AI ...

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