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Never Ending Nightmares Raises $100k


Last week Infinitap Games met and narrowly exceeded their $100,000 kickstarter goal to make Never Ending Nightmares. Never Ending Nightmares is a non-combat psychological horror game. The title is still very much in development, but a free demo is available for download. Never Ending Nightmares’ style is disturbingly unique. The hand drawn looks and the paper doll movements of the ...

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Samurai Gunn: Intense Gunslinging and Sword Swinging

Gun Samurai

Bushido: “The way of the warrior”, traditional code of the Samurai stressing honor, discipline, bravery, and simple living. Outlaw: A rebel, a nonconformist, a wild or vicious individual living outside of bounds of society. The juxtaposition of these diametrically opposed archetypes has been the backbone of some solid fiction. Geta wearing, six-shooter totting combatants are back again in the soon ...

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Guild Wars 2’s Back to School Event has Begun!

Guild Wars 2

Yesterday, Guild Wars 2 members received a newsletter warning they are going to get schooled as NC Soft’s Super Adventure Box event has begun! This event adds new feature’s, rewards,and ,the ever-so challenging event, Tribulation Mode. With two worlds worth of traps, obstacles, and enemies coming at you at every turn, Tribulation Mode makes sure to make your life difficult. Don’t worry. ...

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