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Top 5 Torrentz, Kickass Torrent (KAT) alternatives: ThePirateBay (TPB), ExtraTorrents, 1337x are Most Popular

Kickass Torrent (KAT) alternatives

There are several Kickass Torrent (KAT) alternatives that have emerged in recent times. Kickass Torrent is long gone but you can choose from 5 of the most popular alternatives. Kickass Torrent was earlier perceived as the virtual leader in its domain. Before these Kickass Torrent (KAT) alternatives, there were the original official domains. These include popular ones like and ...

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS4 Review: How to Unlock Special Weapon Variants via Supply Drops

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be unlocking for all platforms in less than 24 hours. So to get you ready for the latest installment of the Call of Duty franchise, we’re going to show you how to unlock special weapon variants for the multiplayer. How do you unlock weapons? Well, you give Activision more money. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Pay-2-Win? ...

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Battlefield 1 Review Tips: How to Rank Up Medic Class Levels Faster

Battlefield 1 Medic Image

The latest entry in EA’s large scale war franchise, Battlefield 1, launched some time last October to critical acclaim. Today, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks towards leveling up the Medic class as fast as you can. The Medic’s Job in Battlefield 1 From the name alone, it’s already clear that the Medic’s job goes a bit beyond ...

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Gears of War 4 Xbox One Tips: Horde Mode, Scrap & Craft Cards Cheats

Gears of War 4 Xbox One

Who would have thought card games would go so well with team-based shooters? Here are a few tips for the newly-released Horde mode for Gears of War 4 Xbox One players. The Coalition will once again be adopting the card game craze with its newest game. However, the developers did not spend a lot of time reviewing players about its mechanics. According ...

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WWE 2K17 Roster, Universe Mode & NXT Edition DLC Complete Details

2K Sports upcoming wrestling game, WWE 2K17, will get even bigger with the announcement of the newest downloadable content. The sports video game publisher revealed details about the DLC together with announcements of the Season Pass and Digital Deluxe Edition. WWE 2K17 will have a slew of enhancements with the new DLCs shown below. This will give wrestling gamers a lot ...

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