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If you were lucky enough to be in Cologne, Germany a few weeks back you may very well have been there for one reason: Gamescom!  There was a lot to do and even more to see, and one of the big “unveiling” events was the confirmation of which games would be released with the XBox […]

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Elder Scrolls Online

Ever since its announcement, Elder Scrolls Online has left me a little nervous. Everything about Tamriel should work within the standard MMO format, rich history, interesting world, plenty of races. Yet, what worries me is, will it still feel like Elder Scrolls? Despite showing off the first person combat recently, there hasn’t been much talk of […]

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'The Elder Scrolls Online'

It’s undeniable that Sony are definitely getting  into everyone’s good books as of late. Even after the PlayStation 4′s initial announcement back in February Sony has been praised for reaching out to developers both big and small to better design their console, especially with allowing indie developers to self-publish. As confirmation that Sony have been […]

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Fans of The Elder Scrolls can now sign up for the beta of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online and to celebrate this milestone Bethesda have put out a stunning new CGI trailer for the game.   The Elder Scrolls Online is set to bring Bethesda’s critically acclaimed world of Tamriel to the massively multiplayer online […]