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By Montrel Hollis On 16 Sep, 2013 At 05:03 PM | Categorized As PC, Previews, Title Updates | With 2 Comments

  PC Terraria players rejoice! A post was made on Terraria’s official Facebook page that Terraria will be getting it’s long awaited PC update the first of October! As many of you may or may not know, A few days after Terraria came out for consoles,March 26/27, Redigit stated that he was working on an […]

By Jen Guerin On 14 Sep, 2013 At 09:17 AM | Categorized As Industry, News, Previews | With No Comments

Patient gamers, your wait will soon be over. First leaked last month by the Australian Classification Board, Bethesda has just announced the Game of the Year edition for Arkane Studios’ Dishonored, arguably the best AAA game to come out of 2012 (sorry, Borderlands 2). If for some reason you were in a coma or a […]

By Risteard Mulcahy On 9 Sep, 2013 At 08:44 AM | Categorized As News, Previews | With No Comments

 Yes, it is that time of year again when the majority of games are released and you as the gamer have to make the hard choice of which games to buy. This article will take a look at the games which you probably would overlook but really shouldn’t.   10. How to Survive This is a […]

By Jeremiah Cheney On 5 Sep, 2013 At 10:51 AM | Categorized As News, Previews | With No Comments
Gun Samurai

Bushido: “The way of the warrior”, traditional code of the Samurai stressing honor, discipline, bravery, and simple living. Outlaw: A rebel, a nonconformist, a wild or vicious individual living outside of bounds of society. The juxtaposition of these diametrically opposed archetypes has been the backbone of some solid fiction. Geta wearing, six-shooter totting combatants are […]

By Montrel Hollis On 4 Sep, 2013 At 09:30 AM | Categorized As PC, Previews, Title Updates | With No Comments
Guild Wars 2

Yesterday, Guild Wars 2 members received a newsletter warning they are going to get schooled as NC Soft’s Super Adventure Box event has begun! This event adds new feature’s, rewards,and ,the ever-so challenging event, Tribulation Mode. With two worlds worth of traps, obstacles, and enemies coming at you at every turn, Tribulation Mode makes sure to make […]

By Jeremiah Cheney On 4 Sep, 2013 At 09:56 AM | Categorized As News, Previews | With 1 Comment
Outlast Monster

Outlast, an up and coming first person horror game by Red Barrels is prepped to launch on September 4. In this survival horror experience, players take the role of a journalist that’s investigating the Mount Massive Asylum. This home for the mentally ill is long since closed, but has recently been re-opened by the transitional […]

By Michael Archbold On 2 Sep, 2013 At 11:11 AM | Categorized As News, PC, Previews, PS4, The Division, Title Updates, Ubisoft, Xbox One | With 1 Comment

  If, like me, you’re a PC gamer that was saddened by the fact that all your PS owning buddies could play Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic hit, “The Last of Us”, then you’re about to get some news that may console you.  While Ubisoft’s up-coming game, “The Division” does not have you taking on a world […]

By Russell Nay On 22 Aug, 2013 At 09:19 PM | Categorized As Featured, Killzone: Shadow Fall, News, Previews, PS4 | With No Comments
killzone shadow fall

One of the games featured at this year’s Gamescom is the fourth major installment of the Killzone series, Killzone: Shadow Fall.  The game’s multiplayer was first unveiled to trade-visitors and the media yesterday, with the general public having access to the game today. Killzone’s news blog also recently posted a news article and an official […]

By Ross Denby On 29 Jul, 2013 At 07:39 PM | Categorized As Featured, Final Fantasy XV, News, Previews, PS4, Xbox One | With 2 Comments
Final Fantasy XV

We have learned that the latest installment of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV, will now move away from the traditional turn based combat systems, that have included the Active Time Battle system used in the original PlayStation editions of Final Fantasy to the Paradigm Shift system used in the latest titles. But series director Tetsuya Nomura has […]

By Michael Archbold On 23 Jul, 2013 At 07:35 PM | Categorized As Dead Rising 3, Featured, News, Previews, Xbox One | With No Comments
Dead rising 3

If, like me, you are looking forward to sinking your teeth into Dead Rising 3, you are quelling your urges by eating up every detailed morsel the developers throw at you. Like a good master feeding his pet, Josh Bridge, producer on the game, gave us these tasty tidbits in an interview with AusGamers. As […]

By Michael Archbold On 21 Jul, 2013 At 08:25 PM | Categorized As Battlefield 4, Featured, News, PC, Previews, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | With No Comments

EA have officially released some details on the Campaign mode of their upcoming title, “Battlefield 4″.  Your character is Sgt. Daniel Recker, a member of the elite Tombstone Squad, and he is going to have a bad week.  The company has outlined the events of, what I can only assume to be, the first 2 […]

By Michael Archbold On 20 Jul, 2013 At 10:03 PM | Categorized As Ext., News, Previews, State of Decay, Xbox 360 | With No Comments
state of decay

If Geoffrey Card, one of the founders of Undead Labs, and creators of XBox 360 (and soon – PC) zombie survival game, “State of Decay” asked you ”Could you survive a zombie attack?”, I’m sure the zombie game veterans among you would say “yes”. However, if he asked you ”Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?” it may […]

By Ed McGlone On 20 Jul, 2013 At 05:30 PM | Categorized As Ext., News, Previews, PS3, SoulCalibur 2 HD Online, Uncategorized, Videos, Xbox 360 | With No Comments
Soul Calibur 2

At the San Diego Comic-Con, Namco Bandai announced a high definition update to Soulcalibur 2, which was released for Xbox, Gamecube, and PlayStation 2 back in 2003. Soulcalbur 2 is often considered one of the best in the series, so the news should be popular with longtime Soulcalibur fans.  According to Polygon the remake, officially titled […]

By Patrick Davy On 19 Jul, 2013 At 04:58 PM | Categorized As Featured, News, PC, Previews, The Elder Scrolls Online | With No Comments
Elder Scrolls Online

Ever since its announcement, Elder Scrolls Online has left me a little nervous. Everything about Tamriel should work within the standard MMO format, rich history, interesting world, plenty of races. Yet, what worries me is, will it still feel like Elder Scrolls? Despite showing off the first person combat recently, there hasn’t been much talk of […]

By Admin On 18 Jul, 2013 At 07:50 PM | Categorized As Battlefield 4, Featured, News, PC, Previews, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | With No Comments

At a recent Australia event, EA and EB Games showcased a demo of Battlefield 4 to the gaming media. In addition to the live demo, a few new details regarding this title have also been revealed. Brought forward by a post on the popular videogame forum NeoGAF, we have obtained a few details regarding the […]