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The video game industry has seen exponential growth through recent years, becoming one of the top entertainment venues today. Video game releases are now on par with the biggest hits within the film making business and continues to expand year after year. The Gamer’s Drop was created as a platform to provide gamers with the most up-to-date information regarding everything within the video game industry. We are dedicated to bringing current news about every upcoming big release, as well as covering news related to recently released titles. In addition to covering specific titles, we also provide news regarding the inter-workings of the video game industry.

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 – News Writer – Kieran “King” Mackintosh is a volunteer aspiring novice writer for video game news and mobile game reviews. King has a goal of providing near-daily news, and every so often reviews. He aims to produce work with personality and a high standard. His gaming interests lie in anything sci-fi, be it Shooter (‘Halo’); RTS (‘Dawn of War II’); Simulation (‘ANNO 2070’); or RPG (‘Mass Effect 2’), he enjoys them very much. If it is set in the future, he will be interested in it. You may follow him on Twitter (@KingSongbird).Contact: [email protected]

Active Contributors:

 – News Writer – An Englishman from North East England and an avid gamer. I played my Amstrad CPC6128, had an affair with Sega by way of the Megadrive, Sega-CD, and Dreamcast, and then fell in love with the PC. Games of choice are RPG, RTS, FPS, and I always tend to try out the latest MMO or anything with zombies in it. I’m a newly aspiring games journalist with a desire to review the latest titles or revisit the more classic games of our era. Contact: [email protected]
Ed McGlone – News Writer – Ed is an aspiring game journalist located in Long Island, New York. He recently graduated from the University At Albany with a bachelor’s degree in political science and history, and a master’s degree in secondary education. A lifelong gamer since he received his first Sega Genesis in the second grade, Ed is an equal opportunity gamer, appreciating quality games across all genres and platforms. In addition to videogames, he is a big New York sports fan, and can often be spotted in the bleachers section at Yankee Stadium. Ed can be contacted at [email protected] or at [email protected] and also followed @EdMcGlone.
Ross Denby – News Writer – A British Gamer from the northern region of England. Enjoying the evolution of games from as early as the commodore 64, though the Mega Drive & SNES era in the 90s and onto the Playstation and Xbox generation today. A big RPG fan from Final Fantasy to Dragon age and The Elder Scrolls to Mass Effect. A big fan of story driven games and memorable characters too… and quite possibly the worst FPS player EVER! Follow me on Twitter for TGD news items or email me at [email protected] For more of my writing check out my blog Respawn Rossco for my own opinion on all things gaming.
Patrick Davy – News Writer – Patrick “Shinksy” has been a gamer ever since his parents gave up and let the PS1 raise him instead. When he’s not building elaborate effigies to himself in Minecraft, he’s filming youtube series with his friends (https://www.youtube.com/user/StandardActionGaming), or posting about gaming @TheShinksy. Contact: [email protected]
Gavin Olsen – News Writer – A young determined journalist coming out of Tampa, Florida. He started gaming at a young age and quickly found interest in games such as Counterstrike, Halo, and The Elder Scrolls. He loves all types of gaming and is determined to be successful as a gaming journalist.
Russell Nay – News Writer – Russell is an up-and-coming writer from Florida with a passion for video games and their latest developments. He is also interested in journalism and creative writing and plans to pursue a writing career in the future. He’s played on many different platforms, and his favorite types of video games are both classic and modern RPGs and FPSs, like Shadow of the Colossus, Halo, and Final Fantasy. Besides video games, he also plays bass guitar and goes skateboarding in his free time.