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Watch Dogs 2 PC Port: Is It Good?

Watch Dogs 2 PC Port: Is It Good?

Watch Dogs 2 has been out on consoles for more than two weeks now. But, Watch Dogs 2 PC only came out a few days ago. The game was delayed on PC so that they could add a little extra polish.

Now that the PC version is out people are asking if the extra two weeks of waiting was worth it. The game may be good, or so the reviews say, but all that means nothing if the game runs like garbage (looking at you Dishonored 2).

Well luckily for us, it sounds like the PC version of the game is great. At least that’s what PC Gamer reports.

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Watch Dogs 2 PC: Is It Good?

PC Gamer writer James Davenport wrote about his experience with Watch Dogs 2 PC across three different computers. Each computer having better specs than the last, but also a bigger resolution.

His first machine was his home computer that runs on an AMD R9 Nano, i5-4690k, and 16GB of RAM as well as a resolution 1920×1080. On this device, he managed a constant 60FPS on a mix of high to ultra settings.

Next was his work computer. This one runs on a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti, i7-5960X, and 32GB of RAM with a resolution of 2560×1440. Similar to his home computer, he was able to run 60FPS at a mix of high to ultra.

The last machine was the PC Gamer’s custom PC with an absurd amount of power. It runs on two Nvidia Titan X, an i7-6950X, as well as 128GB RAM all in 4K resolution. For this device, he reported that with every setting turned up to max, he was able to get a solid 40FPS. While that may not be ideal, it’s still impressive.

In all three cases, he claimed that Anti-Aliasing was the biggest culprit to lowering the frame rate.

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PC Custom Settings

In addition to the tests he made, he also revealed the extensive settings options for the PC version of the game.

Of course, it has some of the standard settings that PC gamers expect, but it also has a few extra bits that push it from being just a basic console port to its own game.

According to Nvidia, there are over 19 graphical options all in all. Suffice to say, there are enough settings in the game to make it customizable to work on a wide range of machines.

Whether you want to turn down the graphics for fidelity on an older device or turn everything up to max to get your money’s worth on your monster rig — the Watch Dogs 2 PC version gives you the options to do so.

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