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Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers: Negan’s Backstory to be Finally Revealed

Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers: Negan’s Backstory to be Finally Revealed

The latest Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers have revealed that Negan’s backstory will finally come to the fore. The new episode titled Sing Me a Song airs on Sunday. This will provide more information on Negan.

Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers also reveal that there will be more details of the Saviors. There will be more information on the past of the Saviors’ leader Negan. Showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed this update.

Yahoo reports that the latest Walking Dead Season 8 episode will focus hugely on Negan. Gimple has already talked of a “loose plan in place” for this backstory revelation. He has added that there will be “some stuff” seen from Negan’s backstory soon.

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Image Plus magazine have included a little of Negan’s past. Readers have already learned of the reasons behind naming his bat Lucille. They have also learned more about how he got his sadistic and deadly sense of humor.

Will The Walking Dead Season 8 Reveal More? 

Gimple has also talked of how “some aspects of it that will probably be cool.” He has labeled it as “some fairly far-flung stuff.” Gimple has also revealed that “it might be rather Lost-ian” and he may have “Damon Lindelof to do it.”

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Even Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan has confirmed that he will appear prominently this season. Gimple has earlier stated that there is a lot more to Negan’s psyche and persona than what we usually see on the show.

Negan confronts Olivia in the Service episode in Season 7. He yells at Olivia to keep a tab on the guns since it is a “life and death” matter. This is just an example of Negan’s opinions being multifaceted which viewers will find out more about soon.

Gimple has also stated that Negan always offers a way forward even though it may be a little dictator-ish. He also talked of several “fascinating things about Negan” that viewers would soon understand.

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