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Steep DLC, Season Pass Revealed Ahead of Release

Steep DLC, Season Pass Revealed Ahead of Release

In preparation for Steep‘s upcoming release, Ubisoft revealed the details regarding their upcoming title’s Season Pass. And there’s quite a bit of content in it.

Most noteworthy is that the game’s Season Pass will give players three content packs. These are the Winter Fest Pack, the Adrenaline Pack, and the Extreme Pack.

In addition to access to the separate packs of content, purchasing the Season Pass will also give players some bonuses.

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Steep Season Pass Details

The biggest pieces included in the Season Pass are the three content packs.

First of all, you have the Winter Fest Pack will add new challenges, gear, and a special Winter sled.

Next is the Adrenaline Pack which will add two additional boards and outfits, a new wingsuit, and the Moonlight Pack which  adds some nighttime relevant content.

Finally, the Extreme Pack will add three new sports — rocket wings, base jumping, and speed gliding.

The Season Pass will also come with bonus in-game helicopter tickets, a snowman outfit, and 10,000 Steep credits.

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Exploring the Swiss Alps

Steep is Ubisoft’s upcoming open world extreme sports game where players are given the opportunity to explore the Alps through skiing, wingsuit flying, snowboarding, and paragliding. Players can also switch between these four activities through the game’s menu on the fly.

According to Ubisoft, there are four different ways to play Steep: Explorer, Freestyler, Bone Collector, and Freerider.

As the name implies, the Explorer play style focuses on finding new challenges and points of interest across the game’s open world.

Freestyler is probably the most straight forward. You just need to do tricks while you’re doing anything else and your Freestyler score will go up bit by bit.

Bone Collector is the most painful sounding style because your goal is to do crazy and dangerous stunts as well as crash head first into things.

Freerider is the most complex of the playstyles. In Ubisoft’s words it “takes the most into account” and focuses on the “overall quality of your line.” It seems it boils down to making the most of the world’s environment to your advantage.

Steep along with its Season Pass arrives in PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 2.

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