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Pokemon GO Christmas Event: Legendary Pokemon to be Available Soon?

Pokemon GO Christmas Event: Legendary Pokemon to be Available Soon?

Legendaries have always been a sensitive topic, especially with the Pokemon GO Christmas Event. However, there appears to be good news.

With the Halloween and Thanksgiving Events creating the buzz infamous game, there’s bound to be a Pokemon GO Christmas Event. However, like all the events so far, players better stock up on Pidgeys because there’s a ton of double XP surprises ahead.

There are even indications that some Pokemon will be easier to catch, all in the name of the holiday spirit. However, some fans may want to look forward to a Legendary Pokemon as well.

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The theories are a bit far-fetched. However, Ditto’s arrival via the Thanksgiving event was a surprise as well. Players only got a hold of a Ditto reveal when trusty players from the game’s subreddit figured out the APK.

Which begs the question, there are already files of 100+ new Pokemon and even some Legendaries. So when are they going to arrive?

The answer may be soon, but Niantic Labs is still mum about the situation.

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Pokemon GO Christmas Event: Legendaries Named?

Regardless, the best bets for the appearance of Legendaries would be the three mystical birds. These are Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, all extremely powerful bird types that symbolize the Three Team Leaders.

There’s no information about how exactly are we going to be able to catch them yet. However, recent data mines for Pokemon such as Mew and Mewtwo revealed that there might be a special event that can lead to their capture.

This means hardcore trainers better strap on their best Pokeballs and train their Pokemon. With the revamp in Gym battle and PvP coming along, it seems catching the Legendaries will be one tricky affair.

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