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Nintendo Switch: How to Try it Before Official Release?

Nintendo Switch: How to Try it Before Official Release?

The Switch is Nintendo’s newest console that was revealed just last month. It aspires to be a handheld console hybrid that combines Nintendo’s two biggest platforms.

Ever since it was first revealed, people have been begging for more information. What hardware does it run on? How much will it cost? How big is it?

Unfortunately, Nintendo has said that they’re not going to reveal any more details on the Switch until a presentation on January 12, 2017. But they’ve since then made a new announcement — the Switch will make its hands-on debut the following day in New York.

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Nintendo Switch: The Console-Handheld Hybrid

According to Polygon, Nintendo is holding a special five-hour event in New York on January 13, 2017.

This will take place the day after the evening of their January 12 Tokyo Stream that will talk about the Switch and hopefully answer many of our questions.

So far there are no concrete details on the New York event other than the date, city, and that it will be a private event. It is unknown if it will have any games available to try out as well as if a press embargo will be in place.

The only comment Nintendo had on the event is that it will “further emphasize some of the details that Nintendo plans to announce.”

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The Console Formerly Known as NX

Nintendo revealed the Switch to the public last mid-October. It immediately gained media and public attention due to the proposed uniqueness of the console.

Unlike most current generation consoles, the Switch attempts to combine Nintendo’s two biggest platforms — its handheld systems (3DS) and its home systems (Wii U).

It’s definitely an ambitious goal, but if there’s any company that can pull off such a “gimmick” it would be Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch comes out in March of 2017.

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