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Destiny 2: 2017 Release Date? Everything You Need to Know

Destiny 2: 2017 Release Date? Everything You Need to Know

Bungie already teased a lot of content for Destiny‘s third year in 2017. However, it seems the developers have a lot in store for Destiny 2.

The new batch of content tease is a good move for Bungie, as it seems it wants to avoid the “dead air” after the release of Destiny DLC The Taken King. It can be remembered that it took a few months before more content was released after the historic second expansion.

Now, it seems Bungie is up for more surprises as Destiny 2 seems to be lock and loaded for a 2017 release.

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It’s first helpful to understand that the September 2017 release date is speculation at best. Given the rather lack of concrete information about the game, it’s hard to gauge a definite release date.

However, there are strong indications that the game will have PC port, aside from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions that fans expect. The price tag would more or less fall on the $59.99 mark, which is a staple for video games.

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Destiny 2: Mars at Large

The more exciting part, however, is the content the game will provide. The game’s primary setting is a post-apocalyptic Earth after aliens have ravaged almost all life in the planet. Now, superpowered Guardians are tasked to protect the Earth with their abilities and special weaponry.

The game’s lore in itself is a deep book of secrets. Not a lot of information has been told about the planet’s history prior to the arrival of the threats. However, Destiny 2 seems to want to provide a more aesthetic “feel” to each planet it offers. The strongest point so far is that the game may more or less be set in Mars, akin to expanding The Taken King storyline.

Another big news is that characters may more or less start with a clean slate. Rumors say Bungie would not let cross-saves or transfers be made to the new game. This is similar to how they slowly cut off legacy console access to Rise of Iron on its release. Regardless, older players may have bonuses when they enter some sort of code.

Moreover, the story would seem to pick up from the Cult of Osiris, Eris Mon and even the Traveler itself.

Meanwhile, excited fans can still play Destiny: Rise of Iron for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to expand their lore.

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