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AMD Vega 10 Rumors, Specifications, Release Date

AMD Vega 10 Rumors, Specifications, Release Date

The latest AMD Vega 10 rumors have reportedly been confirmed. AMD is expected to launch the Vega 10 GPU in the first half of next year. The Radeon Technology Group will reportedly start all Vega 10 briefings in December 2016.

However, the AMD Vega 10 launch will not take place before H1 2017. HNGN reports that the Vega 10 chipset is set to be super powerful. It can reportedly ensure 12 TFlops of single precision coupled with 24 TFlops of half precision.

The AMD Vega 10 card will easily outstrip the flagship P1000 GPU from Nvidia. The Vega 10 will reportedly get HBM 2 memory. AMD might also launch a computer version of the Vega 10 for machine learning and intelligence.

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Nvidia has already started ramping up production of the DX2 super computer with HBM 2. However, it took some time due to the memory shortage and sky-high prices. The Vega 10 is expected to be the successor to the Polaris 10 and 11 GPUs.

The first Vega 10 graphic card is expected to get GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture with 16 GB of HBM 2 memory. The card performance should be more like the Radeon Pro Duo. The TDP is also expected to draw nearly 225W.

How the AMD Vega 10 will Shape Up? 

Tweak Town reports that AMD has worked considerably on the Vega architecture. There are reports of even the SIMD units being restructured for better efficiency. The new GPU is also expected to offer far greater bandwidth.

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The Vega 10 will primarily have to outstrip the GTX 10 series and it is billed to be one of the most powerful offerings ever from AMD.

There are now rumors of a possible GPU or even nano-sized R9 Vega 10 graphics cards. There are questions on CrossFire support and ability to enable 3 and 4-way setups.

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