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World War 3 News: Russia to Launch Nuclear Missiles on Europe Soon? Press & Information Office

World War 3 News: Russia to Launch Nuclear Missiles on Europe Soon?

The latest World War 3 News reports hint at Russia possibly launching nuclear missiles soon on Europe. Russia’s target has now become several European nations after the growing conflicts with NATO. The latter’s entry into the Baltic region has already come under fire from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

World War 3 news updates also report that the United States and Russia are both striving to mend relationships. Peaceful dialogues have already taken place between both countries. Chances of a Third World War are still alive though as Russia seeks new targets.

World War 3 news reports clearly indicate a conflict arising from NATO entering the Baltic zone. Russia, being one of the best equipped nations in terms of military resources, will not stay quiet. Aussie Network News reports that Russia may deploy nuclear missiles to European borders.

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Putin has already acknowledged Russia’s role in nuclear and military resource deployment across Lithuania-Poland. Putin has already talked of having ready countermeasures for NATO entering the Baltic.

He has reportedly claimed that suitable weapon positioning will get Russia ready for potential threats. Kremlin spokespersons have also claimed that military deployment should be taken as a “logical response” against the hostility of the West.

Will World War 3 Be a Reality? 

NATO’s expansion on its borders is making Russia alert and ready to counter attack. Russia has adopted a defensive position with regard to holding military exercises against European nations. NATO members have also raised questions on Russia’s aggressive stance.

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Russia’s aggressive military tactics are being found as disturbing and scary by several NATO members. All parties involved in the agreement are now finding Russia’s strategies too much to handle. Will this lead to the breakout of a Third World War?

Only time will tell but experts are firm that Russia will escalate the NATO conflict to a whole new level. NATO has also talked about how military weapon launches will only serve to disturb relations with Russia.

Russia has also been asked to clear the air on its eventual aim, i.e. World War 3 or peace between all nations.

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