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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get All Easter Eggs

Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get All Easter Eggs

Pokemon Sun and Moon officially celebrates the 20th anniversary of the hit game franchise. However, it means there’s a ton of Easter Eggs!

Players will know the depth of new gameplay mechanics present in the recent installment of the Pokemon franchise. Alola is a vast region with its new 100+ brand of Pokemon. Not to mention, its Island Trials and mysterious plot will mean tons of hours’ worth of gameplay.

However, this doesn’t mean there’s not enough room for pop culture references as well.

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The first of our list begins at Hau’oli Cemetery, where the souls of both Pokemon and trainers are laid to rest. Players can find a trainer beside a grave stone that, when prompted, says something odd. Apparently this is where Pikachu rests, and that the person “addresses” it using its words.

The trainer, named Ikue, challenges the trainer. Ikue Otani is Pikachu’s voice actress. She exclaims “Pika!” when players defeat her and her Pokemon, Pikachu.

Next is a rather obscure reference. Interestingly, this is a proof that Nintendo really has committed to living to its game’s Hawaiian origins. In the Hano Grand Resort, a trainer named Roger introduces himself as “Future” to the player. He becomes baffled as the player doesn’t recognize him at all, and that they better be ready to “face Future” in a battle.

This is reference to Israel “Iz” Kamakiwiwo’ole, a legendary Hawaiian singer. He’s best known for his “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” rendition.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: More Eggs, More Fun!

Lastly, and perhaps more awesome, is a cameo from Ash. That’s right. As in Ash the trainer and lead star of the Pokemon anime series. Players can unlock the Ash-Greninja form in the game in the Ghost-type Island Trial.

In this trial, players will track down the Totem Mimikyu. This is a Ghost-type Pokemon with a rather creepy backstory. The Pikachu-esque Pokemon will have players trapped in a creepy haunted closet. If you use their camera around the room, they will find Ash and Pikachu, with Ash’s face obscured.

Players can unlock Ash-Greninja if they played the special demo for the game.

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