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MLB Rumors: Justin Turner Leaving LA Dodgers to Join St. Louis Cardinals?
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MLB Rumors: Justin Turner Leaving LA Dodgers to Join St. Louis Cardinals?

Latest MLB Rumors have been abuzz about Justin Turner signing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Turner is the third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is also a coveted free agent in the present trade market.

MLB rumors have it that Turner could well be leaving the Dodgers for the Cardinals this offseason itself. He has already played for three years at the Los Angeles Dodgers. HNGN reports that the Cardinals have already expressed interest in getting Turner onto their roster.

MLB Rumors also highlight that Turner will be a value addition to the roster for next year. The Cardinals currently hold a last season record of 86-76 and need just one more win. This will take them straight to the wildcard for the National League division.

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The team is trying to offset the failure last season by rebuilding its squad. The Cardinals may look to contact Turner’s agent sometime soon. They are interested in signing him at the earliest as per the latest rumors.

The Cardinals are also bent on shifting Kolten Wong and Matt Carpenter to second and first base respectively. They are also looking to position Jhonny Peralta and Jedd Gyorko in middle and third. Aledmys Diaz may be positioned at short as well.

Why Turner is a Good Deal for Any MLB Team

Turner currently has decent stats including his .275 average, 90 RBI and .339 OBP. He has played 151 games last season and hit 27 home runs. He will certainly bring a lot to both defensive and offensive strategies of the Cardinals. However, Peralta may have to be traded by the Cardinals to land Turner.

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Turner will look to command at least $85 million spread over a five year deal. He can be easily signed up in case there are takers for Peralta. Turner’s defensive abilities have also impressed the Cardinals as per reports. He has added a lot to the Dodgers’ defensive line.

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