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Madden 17 1.07 Update Patch: What Improvements Does It Bring for PS4, Xbox One?

Madden 17 1.07 Update Patch: What Improvements Does It Bring for PS4, Xbox One?

Madden 17 1.07 Update Patch has arrived and is now available for download for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

And according to EA, this new update will bring significant changes to gameplay, Madden Ultimate Team, and commentary based on community feedback.

So what “significant” changes did they make? Let’s find out.

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Madden 17 1.07 Update Patch Brings Significant Changes

Many of the gameplay changes seem to be fixing unintentional and potentially game breaking bugs. One of the major changes addresses RAC catch animations that incorrectly triggered drops in some situations.

They also fixed an issue with Ice the Kicker not working as intended. It wouldn’t activate despite the player meeting the appropriate conditions. And another fixed concern was receivers getting an unintentional speed boost when they’d time their actions properly.

There are several other similar changes made with regards to the gameplay. Though they seem less like “significant” adjustments and more like patching up issues and exploits that went unnoticed in the initial release.

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It’s in the Madden Ultimate Team and commentary changes that appear to have significant additions.

The new patch adds Head-to-Head Seasons to Madden Ultimate Team as well as the ability to give rewards after each Head-to-Head game rather than waiting for the Event to end. In addition to that, they also added a Super Bowl presentation to appropriate Head-to-Head games.

As for commentary, the new patch adds a significant amount of new lines for different scenarios. They’ve added commentary for post PAT scenarios which was one of the few spots in the game that previously had no commentary.

They also added the names of several new players as well as some new postplay analysis for various situations. The patch note claim to have added hundreds of new lines to provide more variety to the game scenarios.

For a full detailed list of all changes, you can find the official patch notes here as a PDF file.

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