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Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro Issue: How to Fix?
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Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro Issue: How to Fix?

Final Fantasy fans appear to be in a bit of a pickle. Players are experiencing framerate problems with Final Fantasy 15 in the PS4 Pro.

Tech savants and gurus have believed the PlayStation 4 Pro release of the game will have vastly improved graphics over the regular version. However, it appears there is a strange lack of performance on the former.

Tech gurus from Digital Foundry reported that while High Mode in the PlayStation 4 Pro supports the resolution and the quality, it suffers major framerate issues. This means the image of the screen is either not smooth enough, or it just begins to be laggy.

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Interestingly, it seems the PlayStation 4 version of the game plays better than the upgraded counterpart. For now, players should opt to choose the Lite quality setting for now. This allows rendering for up to 1080p resolution, and has the best framerate option available.

It appears this issue has appeared when Digital Foundry also tested the game’s demo in November, but not as worse as it is now. The demo ran consistently for 30 frames per second, with a slight hit and miss here and there.

Sadly, this is not the first time news has circulated about the rather lackluster performance of the PlayStation 4 Pro on high-definition games. Hopefully, Square Enix would offer a patch soon, or Sony should release some sort of update.

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Final Fantasy 15: Upgrades are Due

Fans will understand the clamor to be able to play the much-awaited Final Fantasy game. After all, players did wait a decade or so in order for Square Enix to release the sequel.

Regardless, the game’s rather sophisticated combat sequences and story garnered praise from critics across the board. With talks of a PC release, Final Fantasy 15 is bound to have more surprises.

The game is currently available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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