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Death Stranding: Kojima to Reveal Release Date in PS Experience Panel?
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Death Stranding: Kojima to Reveal Release Date in PS Experience Panel?

Hideo Kojima finally speaks! It appears a special PlayStation Experience panel will be dedicated to Kojima and his Death Stranding title.

PlayStation Experience remains to be one of the most-awaited events for Sony fans. After all, a lot of publishers and developers will showcase new titles and updates that are surely to wait for.

However, it seems game developer star Hideo Kojima finally resurfaces after months of silence. This time, it appears he has a lot of news for Death Stranding. Are we going to finally get a release date for his game?

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The only way to know so far is to wait for the actual panel. Regardless, December 3 is vastly approaching and players ought to fasten their seatbelts. This is good news for Kojima fans as the developer has been silent about his new game since the formation of his own gaming studio.

The fan clamor also increased when Norman Reedus confirmed working and starring in the game. Since the cancellation of Silent Hills, players have only been getting hints about Death Stranding. However, it appears this time Kojima will have some answers.

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Death Stranding: Kojima Resurgence

P.T. or Playable Teaser, was the playable demo of the supposedly-retelling of hit game Silent Hill from the eyes of Kojima and film director Guillermo del Toro. For some unknown reason, Konami scrapped the project and “fired” Kojima after his last game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Now Kojima has his own studio, Kojima Productions, and has been working on the enigmatic game since. All we know so far is that the title is a triple-A title set in a vastly scientific-based setting. It has a lot of Intestellar vibe into it, with Kojima hinting on themes such as death. However, aside from these information, Kojima has left us in the dark.

Hopefully this time Kojima will be able to let us have a clearer picture about what to expect in his new game.

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