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AMD Zen Processor to Be Official on December 13: Specs, Price, Release Date
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AMD Zen Processor to Be Official on December 13: Specs, Price, Release Date

The AMD Zen processor has been the subject of much speculation in recent times. The AMD website has already announced that a special event will take place this month. The company has announced that live demos of the new Summit Ridge processors will take place on this date.

The official unveiling of the AMD Zen processor range has got gadget and computing enthusiasts into a tizzy! The event is named New Horizon and will be held at 4 PM on the 13th of December in Austin, Texas.

The AMD Zen processor live demos will also be streamed for those who will be unable to visit. Digital Trends reports that video game journalist Geoff Keighley will be hosting the live AMD Zen processor unveiling.

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Keighley will be accompanied by Peter Dager who will also test the AMD Zen Summit Ridge processor. There will be several giveaways and guest appearances during this show as well.

When Will the Market Launch of the AMD Zen Range Happen?

The company has claimed that the public will be able to view the mindboggling capabilities of the new Zen based processor lineup. The Summit Ridge desktop processors, however, will only be launched in 2017’s first quarter.

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They will come after the launch of the 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake desktop processors. This should happen prior to the CES 2017 convention at Las Vegas this January. AMD may be trying to go one up on Intel with this live demo.

The new Zen processor architecture has already been confirmed to be unique from the earlier Excavator design blueprint. As per sources, Zen processor cores will offer 40% higher instructions per clock in comparison to Excavator.

There will be two threads for every core in tandem with a big volume of “private” L2 cache, micro-op cache and access to shared L3 cache of 8 MB. Security will be taken care of through a couple of AES encryption units.

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