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Selena Gomez New Album 2016: Arrives At Los Angeles To Start Recording?
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Selena Gomez New Album 2016: Arrives At Los Angeles To Start Recording?

After taking a break from the spotlight for a few months, it looks like a Selena Gomez new album 2016 might be in the works.

Around the middle of the year, Selena Gomez announced that she will be taking a break from music and focusing on her health.

This came after she was diagnosed with Lupus a year before. Though much of the Lupus has been cured, Selena Gomez is still suffering from some side effects of the disease.

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Currently she is struggling with anxiety and depression. Because of this, she opted to cancel her Revival World Tour midway and enter herself inside a rehabilitation center.

Selena Gomez New Album 2016?

Selena Gomez’ fans hopes are high more than ever after the star’s appearance again in the spotlight. After so many months hiding, she finally surfaced again in the American Music Awards this year.

She won fan favorite during the evening and proceeded with a heartwarming thank you speech. Even co-singers felt teary eyed because of her speech.

She spoke to her fans, the Selenators who have been very faithful to the singer. She expressed how much she is grateful for them and even said that she did not deserve such people. In addition, she shared about her journey saying that she no longer seeks validation.

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After the evening, her fans have become more and more hopeful that the Selena Gomez new album 2016 will finally be released before the year ends.

Before thanksgiving, she flew to Los Angeles. Fans received her warmly at the Los Angeles Airport and took photos with her. Initially, her visit to Los Angeles was thought to be for a new album she’s working on.

However, it was confirmed that she visited her mother home for the holidays.

Nonetheless, hope is not lost because sources close to the star said she is excited to work on something new. She is just being careful and taking her time to get herself back on track.

So, a new album this year might not happen. But what we know is Selena Gomez will be back, and for certain better than before.

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