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Destiny to Have 2 DLCs in 2017? Bungie Content Tease Reveals Details!
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Destiny to Have 2 DLCs in 2017? Bungie Content Tease Reveals Details!

A recent content tease from Bungie implies a lot is coming to Destiny this coming 2017. Does this mean we might get more DLCs?

Downloadable content and expansions are staple parts of hit games. Destiny‘s historic launch back in 2014 has garnered a lot of fan favorite moments. With three expansions and a sequel in hand, what else does the game have to offer?

Apparently a lot more, according to Bungie.

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A recent Tweet from Bungie community manager DeeJ told players there will be new content soon. This is a tease on the upcoming PlayStation Experience in Anaheim where players may get news from various publishers.

The expectancy for a new update also appears to be a cry of hope towards the drought that came after The Taken King. It can be remembered that it’s been months after the release of that expansion before Destiny offered new content.

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Destiny: A New Expansion Before Destiny 2?

According to a Bungie post, Activision is working with the developers to provide a steady stream of content to the users. However, with a sequel in the works, does this mean we will get an expansion?

This is a good move in the part of Bungie as a new expansion can bridge the gap in between the two games. Regardless, everything is open to speculation given that Bungie’s current plans for 2017 are still unrevealed.

It can be remembered that the game’s newest expansion has just released Challenge Modes. This allows players to do an assortment of challenges for a wide variety of rewards similar to badges. A lot of players are also trying to reach the level cap in order to get their hands on cool items.

Bungie will also bring back Sparrow Racing Leagues, and promises more content in the works.

Destiny is currently available for the PlayStation 3 and 4, and the Xbox 360 and One.

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