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WWE Rumors: AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker to Happen Soon?
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WWE Rumors: AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker to Happen Soon?

WWE Rumors have confirmed that AJ Styles will go head to head versus the Undertaker. Styles has already garnered a positive impression in his very first year. He may get a special reunion match that will make headlines.

The latest WWE Rumors talk of how AJ Styles has already stated that he is ready. Styles recently stated “if they want Undertaker vs. AJ Styles, I say we give it to them”. Styles has already conveyed publicly to the WWE that he wants this match.

WWE Rumors state that the Undertaker may also be open to it since the storyline will be quite logical. Styles debuted earlier in January at Royal Rumble. Styles has already managed to attract support from tons of fans.

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WWE Rumors also hint at Styles’ growing popularity and acceptance. Taking that into consideration, he may be the best bet for taking on the Undertaker. This match would garner television and live viewership worth millions for WWE.

Styles is currently the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He has already impressed Chairman Vince McMahon. The latter has already praised Styles as a future contender for the WWE World Title.

Styles has already come through two valuable bouts with John Cena which attracted prime viewership. Styles is a value addition to the lineup at WWE and has huge entertainment value. The Undertaker is a legend and his face-off against Styles will be hugely entertaining to watch.

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John Cena is likely to participate in the Rumble bout which leaves the Undertaker. The match will also be held in the Undertaker’s home town Texas. This is also slated to be his last few moments in the WWE.

However, Dean Ambrose may also face the Undertaker as per reports. However, a match with AJ Styles will garner more fans and popular support. This is what the WWE is reportedly considering.

AJ Styles will be a more logical choice in comparison to Dean Ambrose. This is because of his instant connect with the masses. Also, Dean Ambrose will have to earn back his title to get into the running. The Undertaker is reportedly keen on one grand farewell before calling it quits.

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