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The Division Guide: How to Acquire Urban MDR Rifle?

The Division Guide: How to Acquire Urban MDR Rifle?

With the latest update to The Division, many players that fell off the game’s hype train are starting to return. And with the newest update as well as the addition of Survival means a whole new batch of weapons for people to grind for. So we’re here to present a short The Division guide on how to get one of these weapons.

The newest hot commodity that everyone is keeping an eye out for is a little rifle known as the Urban MDR — a special gun that deals extra damage to enemies with status effects. While that may sound a bit average, it works very well with the right set-up.

So how exactly do you acquire this new weapon? Well, hopefully you enjoy Survival mode because you’re going to have to play that to get a chance at the Urban.

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The Division Guide: Getting the Urban MDR

For those unaware, The Division is primarily a loot-based shooter like the Borderlands series. Meaning you generally just get better weapons through RNG.

And that’s really no different with regards to getting the Urban MDR. In order to get this (and the other new weapons) players will have to open Survival Caches.

To get a Survival Cache, you simply need to play through the new Survival mode. Now you don’t need to necessarily finish Survival, but the closer you get to the “end” the better your rewards.

Now that you have your Survival Cache, your fate is in the hands of RNG. So far it seems there’s no real way to influence the MDR from being more likely to drop, so it’s just a matter of opening as many caches as you can until it drops.

If you’re lucky it could be in the first cache you open, but it’s just as likely that it’ll be in the 1000th. That’s just the nature of RNG.

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Urban MDR: What Makes It Special?

As previously mentioned, the Urban MDR has a unique talent that increases all damage to enemies with a status effect by 10%.

While that may sound a bit situational, it also makes the Urban the perfect weapon to synergize with builds that are aimed towards inflicting status effects.

Sets like the FireCrest and Predator’s Mark are perfect examples for gear sets that synergize well with this weapon as they both focus on applying a status effect to your enemies. 

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