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No Man’s Sky: Foundation Update Goes Live! Is “In-Depth” Enough to Revitalize the Game?
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No Man’s Sky: Foundation Update Goes Live! Is “In-Depth” Enough to Revitalize the Game?

Hello Games’ supposed “breakthrough” game has had quite a rough start. In fact, No Man’s Sky’s release could be considered a flop – with publisher Sony even revealing that a lot of mistakes were made in its marketing front. However it appears the game will make a resurgence with a massive Foundation Update.

The newest update is huge, offering three massive new elements to gameplay. Players are now able to build bases, add save points, and locate new technology. This is aside from the massive amounts of items, new additions and equipment to be played.

The overview video courtesy of Hello Games comes at a rough course of six minutes, and its website even goes in-depth with its features.

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The game now offers three modes of difficulty – Normal for casual players, Creative which promises an “unlimited” universe as well as big bases, and Survival that tests players to the core.

Not only that, but players can make “home bases” in planets that they can use as shelter, storage and for research. This means they can farm and collect resources.

Staying true to its space exploration theme, players can now save point wherever they want and even leave “messages” for other players.

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No Man’s Sky: No More Hype?

In fact the update was so big that even Sean Murray, lead designer, broke his silence since August 18.

It can be remembered that No Man’s Sky was severely hyped during the first stages of its inception. With Sean Murray boasting its expansive space exploration premise, fans of the genre were definitely hooked.

Its supposed quintillion-strong planets will make its “multiplayer” element almost nonexistent, but the depth of lore and gameplay to see was supposedly worth it.

Sadly, it lost around 90-percent of its player base after almost a month of struggling with keeping them. Hopefully this new update will help the game make a comeback.

The Foundation update is Update 1.1 for No Man’s Sky and the first of “many fre updates” to come.

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