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Duggar Family Rumors: Jinger Duggar Pregnant? Jana Duggar Lesbian?
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Duggar Family Rumors: Jinger Duggar Pregnant? Jana Duggar Lesbian?

The latest Duggar family rumors indicate that Jinger Duggar is already pregnant. Additionally, there is speculation on Jana Duggar being lesbian. Jessa is also pregnant with twins as per latest rumors and news.

Duggar family rumors abound on Jana Duggar being a lesbian. HNGN reports that several fans are wondering about her sexual orientation. This is because Jana has never really entered into any serious relationship. The oldest daughter in the Duggar family is the only one apart from Joy-Anna to be still single.

However, Duggar family rumors also state that Joy-Anna is already being courted by her boyfriend. The 26-year-old Jana is the only sister who is not committed to someone yet. This has led to speculation amongst fans that she might be lesbian.

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Why These Rumors Started 

These rumors were fueled by Jana’s statements including her desire to take things slow. Fans believe that she may well be attracted to females. However, many fans have also rubbished these rumors. These fans take the strictly Christian and conservative beliefs of the Duggar family into account.

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Jessa Duggar is also pregnant again with Ben Seewald, her husband. She may give birth to twins this time around. Jessa has already hinted that there may be two children on the way. Even a few months earlier, the couple posted news of the pregnancy. There was a talk of the “sweet new baby (or babies!)” which confirmed rumors of them having twins.

HNGN also reports that Jinger Duggar is already pregnant with Jeremy Vuolo’s child. The newly married couple is already expecting a child just three weeks after getting married. The young couple was very much in love and some physical intimacy was naturally expected prior to their wedding.

However, Vuolo is a little unhappy and pensive about his wife’s early pregnancy as per sources. He is still hesitant about being a father so soon. The third season of the series is being filmed right now and will reportedly focus on these pregnancies.

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