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Dead Rising 4 to Feature Insane Vehicles for Destroying Zombies / IGN

Dead Rising 4 to Feature Insane Vehicles for Destroying Zombies

Dead Rising 4 comes out in a little over a week and despite fan trepidation that the game is no longer faithful to the franchise, Capcom Vancouver continues to reveal new information for the upcoming title.

And what did they have to show us now? Well, they’ve given us a glimpse of the crazy (and not so crazy) vehicles that Frank can drive in his quest to kill some zombies.

Vehicles have been a staple in the series since the first game, but back then they were still pretty tame. Come Dead Rising 2 we got weapon crafting, which really upped the ante on the insane. But then Dead Rising 3 one-upped that again and added vehicle customization — really the next logical step between vehicles and crafted weapons. And now that system returns in the fourth game.

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Dead Rising 4 Vehicular Homicide

The new trailer shows off some impressive cars that can mow down zombies both by just running them over as well as some unique weapons attached.

It demonstrates vehicles jolting with electricity, spewing out fire, and whirling to life with buzzsaws. It even showcases one that can launch other zombies as a projectile as well as one that deploys a grid of lethal lasers similar that one Resident Evil movie.

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But more interestingly enough, half the video also shows off some of the more normal everyday vehicles that Frank can drive around. Cars that, while not armed to the teeth with weapons, can still prove lethal simply by force of contact but at the same time looks stylish.

It’s an odd just a position between the two kinds of vehicles found in the game. But at the same time, it just goes to show how much more variety and player choice seems to be present in this title.

Dead Rising 4 comes out for Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 6.

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