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Ubisoft Free 30 Days of Giveaways Promo; Giveaways Leaked by Source Code

Ubisoft Free 30 Days of Giveaways Promo; Giveaways Leaked by Source Code

2016 marked the 30 year anniversary of video game published Ubisoft. And to celebrate this occasion they’ve given away a free game every month since June of this year.

But now that the year is coming to a close, Ubisoft has one final gift for their 30 year anniversary — a 30-day giveaway.

Starting today, Ubisoft plans to release a new giveaway every day until December 23. Those interested just need to sign up with an Ubisoft account and go to their 30 Days website to claim the rewards.

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Taking a Peek at Ubisoft’s Gifts

As much as the publisher wanted to keep their rewards a surprise, it couldn’t be helped that some of the more tech-savvy fans were able to figure out what they have planned for the next month.

Redditor MrFujiKicker along with a few other users on the site used the website’s source code to see what the upcoming giveaways are going to be. At the time of this, writing the page no longer contains this information, but many have already saved the information themselves.

Those that want to keep the spirit of the event and stay unaware, turn back now. For everyone else, here’s what they have planned from today until December 23.

Nov 24Rayman Classic on Mobile
Nov 2530% off Ubisoft Games
Nov 26Exclusive Collection of E3 2016 Cards
Nov 27Ubi30 Exclusive GIF
Nov 28For Honor GIFs
Nov 29Ubi30 360 Image
Nov 30Just Dance Greeting Card
Dec 1Ubisoft DIY Advent Calendar
Dec 2Steep Wallpaper
Dec 3Exclusive Digital Posters from E3 2016
Dec 4Rabbids HoliDec Goodies
Dec 5WWW Wallpaper
Dec 6Ubisoft Cocktail Recipes
Dec 7Assassin’s Creed 3 on PC
Dec 8Ubisoft Wrapping Paper
Dec 9300 Game Giveaway
Dec 10Watch_Dogs 2 Wallpaper
Dec 11Ubisoft Gift Tags
Dec 12Ubisoft Dessert Recipes
Dec 13Ghost Recon GIFs
Dec 14Wallpaper for Mobile
Dec 15Prince of Persia on PC
Dec 16Rayman Legends on PC
Dec 17Splinter Cell on PC
Dec 18The Crew on PC
Dec 19Rayman GIF
Dec 20Steep GIF
Dec 21Exclusive 2017 Digital HoliDec Cards
Dec 22Ubi30 Wallpaper
Dec 23Ubisoft HoliDec Decorations

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The Gifts Under the Tree

Looking for the planned giveaways, one might say that most of them are a bit underwhelming. I suppose it would have been a bit much for the giveaways to be a free game every day. But the majority of them are things like wallpapers, GIFs, and holiday related items — stuff that doesn’t really sound great.

That being said there are a few interesting things in there as well. Assassin’s Creed 3 will be free for PC owners on December 9. Likewise, those that missed the June to September Ubi30 monthly giveaways get another chance at getting the same games from December 15 to December 18.

There’s also a special event on December 9 called the 300 Day Giveaway. Based on information online, on December 9 they will give away 300 copies of three of their latest titles. The rules for the event are simple. One game per person and first-come, first-serve.

Currently, there’s no word on what these games will be. But many are speculating on Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, and Far Cry Primal as likely candidates.

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