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NFL Trade Rumors – Tony Romo Confirmed for Denver Broncos
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NFL Trade Rumors – Tony Romo Confirmed for Denver Broncos

NFL Trade Rumors have been floating around regarding Tony Romo’s trade to the Denver Broncos. Dak Prescott has taken up a leadership role as far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned. This leaves Romo out in the cold. However, he still has many takers as per reports.

NFL Trade Rumors concerning the Denver Broncos’ interest in Tony Romo have been doing the rounds for some time now. Inquistr reports that Prescott has already helped the Cowboys to a fabulous 10-1 record in the current season.

NFL Trade Rumors point to Prescott being a permanent option for the Dallas Cowboys now. Romo is only a backup option at present and they may trade him at the first opportunity. Trevor Siemian has reportedly confirmed this trade.

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Siemian is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos and succeeds Peyton Manning. Siemian was asked about reports of Tony Romo joining his team. He had a diplomatic answer to these questions.

What Siemian Said

He only stated that he was “not too worried about it, truthfully”. He also said that he does not “worry about that stuff too much”. However, his political answer has led to widespread speculation regarding a confirmed switch to the Denver Broncos by Tony Romo.

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Siemian has also done a good job this season for the Broncos. He should certainly have no reason to worry about Romo usurping his position. Denver may want to snap up Romo to give some breathing space to Siemian.

They would ideally want Siemian to grow and develop more while Romo takes care of immediate needs. Apart from the Broncos, Romo is also being linked with a move to the Chiefs. Kansas City, however, does not have any declared interest in Romo.

Romo may also consider the Chicago Bears since Jay Cutler’s replacement is long due. However, Tony Romo may not want to move to the Bears. The New York Jets can also come into the picture. They are not major contenders at present and may want a solid quarterback to improve things.

The Miami Dolphins are also being touted as potential bid makers for Tony Romo. Where will Tony Romo land up eventually? Let’s wait and watch!

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