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Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth, Wife and Divorce

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth, Wife and Divorce

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Ellen DeGeneres. The popular television show host, actor, and performer has a sizeable net worth. The Ellen DeGeneres Show has made her a household name globally.

Ellen DeGeneres has been performing as a standup artist from the early 1980s onwards. She is estimated to have a $345 million net worth according to Heavy. Ellen currently commands an annual salary in the range of $70 million as per sources.

Ellen DeGeneres reportedly makes more than $5 million on a monthly basis. She makes more than $1.2 million every week and at least $220, 000 daily. Ellen has already splashed out the cash on buying and renovating almost 12 homes. She is also known for spending $39.8 million for a Los Angeles mansion called the Brody House.

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This mansion is stationed next to the iconic Playboy Mansion. Portia Lee James DeGeneres is the wife of Ellen DeGeneres. She is a well-known model, actress and charity worker. Portia has played Nelle Porter on Ally McBeal. She has also played Lindsay in Arrested Development.

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More on Ellen’s Marriage & Wife 

She has also appeared in Better of Ted, Nip/Tuck and countless other shows. She presently appears as Elizabeth North in Scandal. Portia started dating Ellen in 2004 and their relationship became public in 2005.

She later got engaged to DeGeneres when the latter proposed with a diamond ring. They got married in 2008 in Beverly Hills. This marriage was witnessed by just 17 guests and their mothers. In 2010, Portia legally changed her name to include her lover’s surname.

Rumors of a divorce between the couple have been doing the rounds. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia have been married for eight years now. However, it has been reported that Portia resents Ellen’s controlling temperament and the frequent arguments.

Ellen’s extravagant spending habits, excessive drinking and her refusal to let Portia work are major reasons. These reasons are being cited as reasons for an impending divorce by sources. Even the couple is apparently working on fixing the marriage, a split may be imminent.

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