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UFO News 2016: New evidence Proves Life On Mars, NASA Budget Increased.
Wikimedia Commons/ NASA

UFO News 2016: New evidence Proves Life On Mars, NASA Budget Increased.

Another UFO news 2016 proves that the existence of Martians might indeed be possible as new research find water on Mars. In addition to this, president-elect Donald Trump veers towards interstellar research increasing the budget of NASA.

The existence of aliens has always been a curious topic for both extra-terrestrial junkies and cosmologists. But it is also one topic that people of all walks  are interested to know about. Questions such as “Is there life outside the Earth?” and if aliens are harmless or do they pose a threat to human existence has been looming us for ages.

In fact, tons of movies portrayed aliens in various ways. Some as war-hungry creatures such as Independence Day  and others as human’s friend in RT Phone Home. Both films highly successful, and both of a certain likelihood of happening.

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And it’s not just hippies who believe in aliens, men of science have also not discounted its possibility. Famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking even said that existence of aliens is highly probable. And also warned that he believes they are far stronger and more advanced than we are.

Hawking along with Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner funded and founded a project ten years in the making called Breakthrough Listen, where patterns of light can be viewed and studied from Earth. This enables scientists to see anomalies in a light pattern that could then signify extraterrestrial life.

UFO News 2016: Life On Mars

Other than that project, recent research paper called Geophysical Research Letters discussed new research on Mars. The paper tackled how Mars was found out to have ice deposits “about as much water as Lake Superior.” This means that Mars could have around 2,900 cubic miles of water.

Though entirely frozen, there is a possibility that these findings can be useful to astronauts. However, other than its usefulness to astronauts some are theorizing that this proves life on the red planet. After all, water is one sign of life right?

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NASA’s Budget For Space Exploration Increased

In addition to rising in an effort to search life elsewhere, US president-elect Donald Trump has expressed interest to increase NASA’s budget for space exploration. Because of this, the budget for climate change research is being cut down.

Trump has been known to be a disbeliever of climate change. He even called it a “Chinese hoax.” His intention to cut down the budget for it proves his stand. In addition to that, he is also keen on increasing initiatives for space exploration particularly sending astronauts back to the moon.

Bush’ former head of Commission on the Future of the US Aerospace Industry spoke to Telegraph about this. He said, “We would start by having a stretch goal of exploring the entire solar system by the end of the century,” shared Bob Walker.

Not only are plans to visit the moon on the way. They are also looking at further exploring Mars and even Jupiter in the future. All this in search of extraterrestrial life and possibly a second home.

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