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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Acquire Zygarde Cells? / The Official Pokemon Channel

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Acquire Zygarde Cells?

Zygarde is one of the interesting Pokemon in the franchise. It’s because this Pokemon has different forms that are dependent on the collectibles. That’s right, collectibles — about a hundred of them in fact. Though that may sound tedious, it becomes a little bit easier once you know where to look. And that’s what we’re going to show you in this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide.

The Alola region contains 95 Zygarde cells and 5 Zygarde cores. That totals to 100 Zygarde components that players will have to collect to get the Zygarde Complete Forme.

All credits for the information on this guide goes to Serebii.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Zygarde Cores

As previously mentioned there are five Zygarde cores within the game. And each core will teach Zygarde a new move.

IslandLocationMove Taught
Melemele IslandRoute 1Extreme Speed
Melemele IslandIki TownThousand Arrows
Akala IslandKonikoni CityDragon Dance
Ula’ula IslandRoute 17Thousand Waves
Poni IslandAncient Poni PathCore Enforcer

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Zygarde Cells

Unlike the cores, the cells don’t really have any special effects on the Pokemon. Instead, a certain number of them are required in order to access the different Formes.

Ten cells will allow access to the 10% Forme, 50 cells for the 50% Forme, and all the cells for the Complete Forme. Note that some cells only appear in the day and others only in the night.

Melemele Island – 14 Total

Route 1Day
Route 1Day
Route 1 – Outskirts
Route 1 – Trainer SchoolNight
Route 2
Route 3Day
Route 3
Hau’oli Cemetery
Hau’oli City – Shopping DistrictNight
Hau’oli City – Shopping District
Iki TownNight
Kala’e Bay
Ruins of Conflict – Outside
Verdant Cave – Trial Site

Akala Island – 18 Total

Route 4
Route 5
Route 7
Route 8
Route 8Day
Akala Outskirts
Diglett’s Tunnel
Hano BeachDay
Hano Beach
Heahea CityNight
Heahea City
Konikoni CityNight
Lush Jungle – Cave
Paniola RanchDay
Paniola RanchNight
Royal AvenueNight
Royal AvenueDay
Wela Volcano Park – Top

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Ula’ula Island – 30 Total

Route 10Day
Route 11Night
Route 12Day
Route 12
Route 13
Route 13Night
Route 14
Route 14Night
Route 15
Route 16Day
Route 17
Route 17
Aether HouseDay
Blush Mountain
Haina Desert
Hokulani ObservatoryNight
Malie City – Outer CapeDay
Malie CityDay
Malie CityNight
Malie Garden
Mount Lanakila – High Mountainside
Mount Lanakila – Mountainside
Po TownDay
Po TownNight
Ruins of Abundance – Outside
Secluded ShoreDay
Secluded ShoreNight
Tapu Village
Ula’ula Meadow
Ula’ula Meadow

Poni Island – 28 Total

Ancient Poni PathDay
Ancient Poni PathDay
Ancient Poni PathNight
Poni Breaker CoastDay
Poni Breaker CoastNight
Poni Coast
Poni Coast
Poni Gauntlet
Poni Gauntlet
Poni Grove
Poni Grove
Poni Meadow
Poni PlainsDay
Poni Plains
Poni PlainsNight
Poni Wilds
Poni WildsDay
Poni WildsNight
Resolution Cave – 1FDay
Resolution Cave – B1F
Resolution Cave – B1FNight
Ruins of Hope
Seafolk Village
Seafolk Village
Vast Poni Canyon – 2F
Vast Poni Canyon – 3F
Vast Poni Canyon – Inside
Vast Poni Canyon – Top

Aether Foundation – 5 Total

Aether Paradise – Hallway
Aether Paradise – Outside
Aether Paradise – OutsideDay
Aether Paradise – Main Building
Aether Paradise – EntranceNight

And that marks all of the cells and cores in the game. Once again, it may seem daunting at first given just how many things there are to collect, but it’s made a bit more trivial now that you know where they actually are.

For the most part, you can continue playing the game as normal. Just make sure to pay attention to where you are at all times. If that location is listed here, then you know you should start looking.

If this guide still isn’t enough, Serebii has a more detailed guide on their site along with visual aid.

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