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NFL Rumors 2016: Adrian Peterson Coming Back to Vikings This Season?
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NFL Rumors 2016: Adrian Peterson Coming Back to Vikings This Season?

NFL Rumors 2016 hint at Adrian Peterson returning to the Vikings this season. The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly eager for Peterson to take the field in December. Peterson is said to be progressing nicely from his torn meniscus injury. He could no longer take the field from Week 2.

NFL Rumors 2016 also talk of how Peterson has not been cleared for practicing as of yet. However, he is said to be making pretty good progress from this injury sustained on September 18th. Heavy reports that an examination of this injury was carried out earlier in November.

NFL Rumors 2016 seem to suggest that the 7 time Pro Bowler already underwent surgery on the 22nd of September. This surgery would have taken place to repair Peterson’s right knee. He was also listed on the injured reserve list the very next day.

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Fans are now indulging in widespread speculation about the return of Peterson. The No.28 could make a comeback on the 18th of December at home. This will be the game versus the Colts and Peterson will find rousing support from his home crowd.

He may also return on the 24th of December against the Packers at Lambeau Field. This match might infuse some extra wind into Peterson’s sails. He earlier sustained his injury while playing against this very team.

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Why Peterson is Needed?

The Vikings will badly want Peterson to be back as soon as possible. Their running game would be boosted with Peterson in his elements. Currently, the Minnesota Vikings stand last in the entire league and average only 70.0 yards every game.

The team has piled up only 700 yards cumulatively and the top 9 rushers in the league have piled up more! This just goes to show how much the Vikings need Peterson. It now remains to be seen when and how Peterson makes his comeback.

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