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NBA 2016 Player Ratings: Top 10 Players with Highest Trading Value
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NBA 2016 Player Ratings: Top 10 Players with Highest Trading Value

NBA 2016 Player Ratings in terms of the highest trading value are quite interesting. With the trade deadline looming, there are several players who are commanding huge value right now. To be specific, these players are not all up for trade.

However, they automatically enter into the NBA 2016 Player Ratings in terms of trade value. Several players on the list are nearing the end of their contracts. Some are unhappy and some are hugely talented but stuck in the wrong teams. Bleacher Report states if there was a ranking of the best NBA players by unfathomable trade values, the list would be different.

In that case, the NBA 2016 Player Ratings would be dominated by Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Anthony Davis among others. Their values are so huge right now that exact figures cannot quite be calculated or even estimated. Here’s taking a look at the top 10 players with highest trading value.

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The Top 10 List (In Descending Order) 

Omri Casspi- Casspi is one of the top picks to land high trade value. The Sacramento Kings may look to trade him off pretty soon. Casspi has a fast expiring deal which is worth lower than $3million. Sacramento needs to add higher salary into the mix and package him aptly. This will help the team cash in on his value.

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Terrence Ross- Ross may get the Toronto Raptors a fabulous deal. His $10 million cap hit and $31 million over three years make him a high-value prospect. The team can always get hold of another star in return for high-value Ross.

Nikola Vucevic- The Orlando Magic star is not quite playing to his potential here. He has got lower than even 30 minutes per game. He will get $37 million over the next three years and is a good passer as well.

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Wilson Chandler- The Denver Nuggets star is owed $23.2 million and has a player option of $12.18 million for 2018-19.

Ricky Rubio- The Minnesota Timberwolves may look to cash in on Rubio’s $42.8 million salary in 2018-19.

Rudy Gay- Gay is a good option and commands high value which may lure the Sacramento Kings to trade him off soon.

Goran Dragic- Miami Heat may consider trading Dragic with the team not putting up good performances in recent times. The team will get huge value on Dragic’s $70.2 million remainder over four years.

John Wall- Wall may be traded by the Washington Wizards. He will be a free agent in 2019 and will provide high value at the moment.

DeMarcus Cousins- The Sacramento Kings will look to get maximum value for their troubled star and they will as per reports.

Paul George- George has the highest trade value in recent times should the Indiana Pacers sell him.

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