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MLB Rumors: Andrew McCutchen to be Traded by Pittsburgh Pirates?
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MLB Rumors: Andrew McCutchen to be Traded by Pittsburgh Pirates?

New MLB rumors are pointing out to a high probability that Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen will be traded off. Despite his career-worst performance , it looks like there is a lot of interest in acquiring the 29-year old. Joining MLB in 2005, Andrew McCutchen as 11th pick for amateur draft gained immediate recognition on his 2009 major league debut.

He hit .286/.365/.471 and finished fourth in National League Rookie of the Year voting. Throughout his eight years playing in MLB, he has won four Silver Slugger awards, joined five times in NL All-Star, and was in the top five in MVP voting including his 2013 NL MVP Award.

While the athlete has performed spectacularly well, his last season performance was a disappointment. This followed after a knee injury in 2015.

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MLB Rumors: McCutchen Trade Off

According to Pirates general manager Neal Huntington, there is a growing interest in a trade for the center fielder in the GM meetings in early November. Included in the MLB rumors of teams interested are Washington Nationals , Seattle Mariners, and Detroit Tigers.

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In 2012, he signed a six-year, $51.5 million contract with the Pirates which will continue until next season. Also reported is that despite talks with the Mariners, nothing has advanced so far. Analysts also speculate a high percent that the Pirates might want to trade off the 29-year old for younger players.

But while it might seem that the trade off for McCutchen will be an easy one, it won’t. Looking back at the deal between Pirates and the Nationals, the former only settled with Baseball America’s number 33 overall prospect Victor Robles.

Huntington will be looking for someone of high caliber to be traded-off for him. And at the moment, all MLB rumors of teams interested will be unable to provide someone of similar caliber. Nonetheless, the MLB rumors of a trade-off should not be discounted easily. There might be one or two teams presenting an offer they will not be able to resist.

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