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Lady Gaga Dead? Found Dead in Pool of Blood?
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Lady Gaga Dead? Found Dead in Pool of Blood?

Is Lady Gaga dead? There are widespread rumors about the pop star’s death! News of the singer’s death has spread like wildfire. There were earlier rumors about her being found dead in a pool of blood.

The Lady Gaga dead rumors refuse to die down even though official confirmations are hard to come by. Media Mass reports that the singer’s death rumors have been trending for quite some time now. Several fans and enthusiasts have been deeply concerned about the truth behind these rumors. However, Lady Gaga dead news is nothing but a hoax.

Lady Gaga Dead

The Lady Gaga dead rumors have spread majorly on Facebook and people have been adding fuel to the fire! There was a Facebook page called R.I.P. Lady Gaga which suddenly started getting a lot of traffic and likes sometime back. This page alone fetched close to a million likes! People who read the About section of this page found believable reports of Gaga’s demise.

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The Facebook page contained all details of Lady Gaga having passed away at approximately 11 AM on Tuesday. She passed away on the 22nd of the November in New York said the page. The page also requested people to show their respects by liking and commenting.

There were innumerable fans who immediately started posting condolence messages on this Facebook page. These were sad and inconsolable fans of the 30-year-old songwriter-singer and musician. Additionally, the ripples over these death rumors were felt on Twitter as well.

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What Eventually Emerged

Many fans ended up believing this post but there were many skeptics as well. Many people already know of the tons of fake death rumors and reports on celebrities. Many people highlighted how this news was absent on all big American media networks.

The representatives of the star finally dismissed the hoax officially, stating that Lady is “alive and well”. They also mentioned about how she is among the “long list of celebrities” who have been victimized in this manner. Many fans of the singer have also expressed their anger and disbelief at these fake rumors.

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