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Dishonored 2 Review: Why is the Sequel Disappointing?

Dishonored 2 Review: Why is the Sequel Disappointing?

We’ve covered Dishonored 2 a couple of times in the past. We even went ahead and aggregated most of the reviews for the game to see what most people thought of it. And generally speaking, it received a very good reception. But a few days ago, Forbes uploaded their Dishonored 2 review saying that the game is “a disappointing sequel” and gave it a 7.5/10. Which is a bit of an outlier with regards to that game.

On Metacritic, the game holds an average of 87 across all three platforms, with many outlets praising the game’s creativity, level design, and aesthetic. So what was wrong with the game for Forbes to call it “disappointing”?

Let’s find out.

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Dishonored 2 Review: Disappointing Sequel?

Going through the review, the writer makes it explicitly clear that he does not think Dishonored 2 is a bad game. By the sounds of it, it seems that he had high expectations for the game based on the predecessor and it failed to meet his standards.

All in all the writer had six major complaints with the sequel:

  • Forgettable missions and villains
  • Flat story
  • Annoying AI
  • Emily doesn’t have Bend Time
  • Doesn’t build from the first game
  • Performance issues

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Now a good number of these complaints were reflected by other outlets as well. Issues such as the story, the performance, and the forgettable villains were common complaints with the game.

Some of the other issues I never really saw in many other reviews. If anything a lot more people praised the increased difficulty of the AI because they were a bit too easy to get around in the original game.

Likewise, many others also enjoyed Emily’s more unique play style that differentiates her from Corvo, with few outlets bringing up her lack of the Bend Time ability.

However, despite these issues, many other outlets, in the end, overlooked them or didn’t see them as too big of a concern to warrant a lower score. Some outlets even gave Dishonored 2 a perfect score despite its few shortcomings. In the end of the day, the game is still good and fun — something that the review actually admits.

By the end of the review the reviewer writes that, despite the game not meeting some of his expectations set by the original, it still provided a fun and engaging experience.

The Subjectivity of Fun

So what did we learn from this whole thing? That in the end, reviews and how much people enjoy something are all completely subjective. The rating of 1 – 10 is not uniform across all outlets, as to some a 7 might be worth an 8 and vice versa.

In addition to that, even if a game is getting praised by every outlet, it does not immediately mean everyone will enjoy it. Likewise, just because a game is being criticized by every outlet, it does not mean that no one will enjoy it.

Whenever you’re on the fence about picking up a game, often the best way to decide is to just look for gameplay and videos online and decide for yourself.

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