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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Easiest Way to Farm Shiny Pokemon / The Official Pokemon Channel

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Easiest Way to Farm Shiny Pokemon

Everyone wants a shiny Pokemon. They might not be any better than normal Pokemon, but they are incredibly rare. Well luckily, Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces some new systems that makes farming for a shiny Pokemon much easier.

Thanks to the addition of S.O.S. Battles, players have found new ways to farm shiny Pokemon without too much effort. To do so, players will first need to have access to an item called the Adrenaline Orb as well as access to the move False Swipe.

An Adrenaline Orb is a new item introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Using it will make a wild Pokemon more likely to call for help and thus trigger an S.O.S. battle, which is exactly what we want.

In addition to that, False Swipe is a special move that will never kill the target. Instead, if the attack should have caused the enemy to faint, it will instead reduce it to 1HP. A Pokemon with low health is also more likely to call for help.

Both of these things are available by the time you reach the second island and complete Mallow’s trial.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Shiny Farming

So to farm a shiny Pokemon, first you need to go out in to the wild and look for the Pokemon you want a shiny version of. Once you’ve encountered the desired Pokemon, use both False Swipe and the Adrenaline Orb to bring their health down and make them more likely to call for help.

Now when a Pokemon calls for help, the new summoned foe will be better in one of three ways:

  • Better IVs
  • A hidden ability
  • Shiny

So now it’s just a matter of delaying the battle for as long as possible until you encounter a shiny. If no new Pokemon appears, you can stall out the fight by using items that will have no effect or using stat decreasing moves.

On that note you should make sure to keep track of how long the battle has been going on. If the original enemy has been fighting for too long, they might run out of PP for their attacks and end up struggling themselves to death.

YouTuber Arrekz Gaming uploaded a video for this method for those that need a more visual guide.


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