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Pokemon Sun and Moon Save Glitch: How to Fix?
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Save Glitch: How to Fix?

Aspiring Pokemon Champions are already on their way to be the very best. However, a nasty Pokemon Sun and Moon Save glitch may impede progress.

Players are to be warned because the reports say the glitch is actually game-breaking. Multiple reports online have angry and worried players claiming that their characters disappear from view. This is alarming because they have only saved in the one place that’s safest: Pokemon Centers.

Sometimes players find themselves trapped behind Nurse Joy or in a wall. Players also found out the glitch is triggered in the Battle Tree as well.

Alarmingly, the glitch also doesn’t appear to have a solution yet. This can potentially impede the progress of trainers that are well far in their journey.

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However, it appears there’s more to it than that. It seems players who only used the program PKHeX are affected by the event. The program is a save editing tool used to help players get monsters in the game. In a fit of irony, now the creator of the program has called out “cheaters” who used the program.


Kurt (@Kaphotics) explained that saving changes in the latest iteration of the game will have “truncated player coordinates.” He even said this is a known bug on his own program. He did affirm that a patch from November 18 has eliminated this problem.

This still means unless players have messed with their files, then they’re safe.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Save Glitch: No Way Out?

Regardless, this is not the first time something like this has been encountered in a game. For instance, Pokemon X and Y has its own share of nasty critters. Certain areas of Lumiose City in the game can cause the game to not load itself properly. A similar save issue also occurs in some areas of the game.

Still, GameFreak released a patch two weeks later to fix the issue. Hopefully the case is the same with Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Interestingly, a third Pokemon Sun and Moon iteration called Pokemon Stars will be developed for the Nintendo Switch.

The games are currently available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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