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Pokemon GO Ditto: Where to Find it? What Are its Battle Moves?

Pokemon GO Ditto: Where to Find it? What Are its Battle Moves?

Ditto finally makes a much-awaited arrival in Pokemon GO! This means players can quickly find and level up the little creature with its Thanksgiving event.

Players thought it was just a misconception or a leak, but it may be for real. Fans are starting to find wild Ditto on the streets at the beginning of the Thanksgiving event in the game. This means players can finally catch the much-awaited slime Pokemon.

Interestingly, it appears catching a Ditto appears more complicated than just encountering it.

Fans and experts from the Silph Road are currently gathering as much information on the Pokemon as possible. First tests indicate that virtually any wild Pokemon can transform into Ditto. The encountered Ditto will have the same movesets of whatever species he is battling.

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According to the Silph Road tweet, when you battle with a Ditto, the Ditto takes the characteristics of the enemy. This is an interesting feature, as a Ditto can virtually become any opponent.

Another Silph Road player said in Gyms, the Ditto gets the characteristics of the first Pokemon it encounters. It stays that way throughout the battle. However, he may be attacked while transforming. This means he will take automatic damage.

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Pokemon GO: Ditto and the Legendaries?

Players may have more or less an idea that Ditto will be in the game. This is evidenced by the assortment of data mines that have been conducted in the game’s APK code. However, Ditto may be the start of a Pokemon revolution.

This is because a lot of the leaks also saw the arrival of code for Generation 2 Pokemon as well as legendaries. This implies that these Pokemon are already out and hiding, or they are simply just not available – yet.

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