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New Overwatch Patch Buffs Symmetra; Gives Her Two Ultimates?

New Overwatch Patch Buffs Symmetra; Gives Her Two Ultimates?

Symmetra has always been a very polarizing character in the Overwatch scene. She’s the only support class hero that can’t heal. Her turrets tend to fall flat compared to Torbjörn’s. And finally, she’s incredibly situational.

She works best during Assault and Hybrid maps, but even then it’s only as defense on the first point. After that, players tend to swap to another character for the rest of the match because she’s just not as useful by then.

Blizzard heard these comments and announced some time ago that they’re already planning on reworking Symmetra to make her more useful in more scenarios. Today they’ve finally broken their silence on the changes they made for her. And let me tell you, there are some pretty big changes coming.

The biggest change of them all? Symmetra is the first Overwatch character to have two Ultimates.

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Symmetra Buffs Arrive to Overwatch PTR


As previously mentioned, the biggest change that Symmetra got is the addition of a new Ultimate ability. That’s right — addition, not replacement.

Players will now have the option to choose between either her old Teleporter or her new Shield Generator.

The Shield Generator is a structure similar to the Teleporter and will provide 75 shields to all nearby allies. The generator ignores line of sight meaning it can be placed behind a wall and still buff allies and, according to reports, has a massive range.

Both the Teleporter and Generator also received an increase in survivability. They now both have 50 health and 350 regenerating shields, making them much more difficult to destroy.

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Of course that isn’t her only buff. Because of her new ultimate, her old shield granting ability became redundant and is now gone. In its place is a new ability called Photon Barrier.

The Photo Barrier ability generates a large energy barrier similar to Reinhardt’s shield or Winston’s bubble. This barrier will travel forward at a steady pace and will disappear when it comes in contact with a surface.

Her Sentry Turrets remain mostly the same. But now she starts each round with six turrets ready for deployment as opposed to the previous three. And now each turret has a cooldown of ten seconds as opposed to the previous twelve.

Finally, her primary fire now has increased range. Nothing too big, but it’s still a nice buff.

All these changes are available in the PTR for PC players now. A full list of changes included with the Symmetra rework can be found here.

YouTuber mikopo88 also uploaded a brief video demonstrating the Symmetra changes.


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