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NCIS 14 Episode 8 Spoilers: Is Emily Bishop Dating Her Co-Worker?

NCIS 14 Episode 8 Spoilers: Is Emily Bishop Dating Her Co-Worker?

This NCIS 14 Episode 8 spoilers will be all about Emily Bishop and her secret lover. Aside from the crime that they will be solving, the upcoming episode will show clues and pieces of evidence on who Bishop is dating.

The mystery man is such a big mystery that Abby Sciuto gives a detailed presentation on who might be Bishop’s new romance. But Emily Wickersham, who plays Emily Bishop, chooses to keep the secret during her interview with TV Line.

“No, I had known for a little while who it was going to be, but I didn’t know how the storyline was going to unfold,” Wickersham said.

NCIS 14 Episode 8 Spoilers: Emily Bishop’s Three Brothers Visit for Thanksgiving

Aside from Abby, Bishop’s three brothers will also do some investigating on their own. The three visited Emily for thanksgiving and they suspect that their sister is dating a colleague.

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The three brothers are played by Ryan Doom (eldest brother George), Jesse Bradford (John) and Jesse Johnson (youngest brother Robbie).

Bishop's brother crash at her place on tonight's new #NCIS

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Reports won’t reveal who the S.O is but hint that Nick Torres and  Duane Henry  are the possible ‘suspects’. Agent Nick Torres is played by Wilmer Valderrama while MI6 Officer Duane Henry is played by Clayton Reeves.

Wickersham did promise that her ‘bae’ will be revealed at the end of the episode. She hints that her new flame’s identity will shock the viewers. “It’s someone who Bishop has had a strong friendship with for a while, so I liked that aspect to it. And … I don’t think anyone will really expect it, because it’s not someone who’s really been around all that much,” Wickersham said in an interview with TV Guide.

To find out who it is, watch NCIS 14 episode 18 on November 22, 8pm EST only on CBS.


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