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Emma Stone Twerks at ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ [WATCH]
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Emma Stone Twerks at ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ [WATCH]

Emma Stone stunned her fans and audiences by twerking at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Stone engaged in a fantastic twerking bout with the host herself. Ellen even found the perfect chance to poke a little fun at Stone.

Emma Stone created a stir at The Ellen DeGeneres Show according to Rare. Monday’s episode saw the star dancing her heart out! Stone even started sweating after really giving it her all! This even gave Ellen a very good chance to make some fun of the La La Land star.

There was another fun moment when The Sprinkler came up as the last dance for Emma Stone. Stone also thought that it was misspelled as The Spinkler. This really served to confuse her and DeGeneres stated that The Spinkler would be Stone’s name from now on.

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However, Stone proved to be immensely sporting when she added that her name should be The Sweaty Spinkler. The Huffington Post has also reported that the entire Monday episode was pretty adorable for many fans.

The real motive of the show was to help Stone promote her latest romantic musical. She stars with Ryan Gosling in this flick. However, she and Ellen DeGeneres got into a fabulous dance-off at the show. Both Stone and DeGeneres twerked and tap danced to Last Dance by Donna Summer.

Why Emma Stone Earned Praise

However, many fans have come out in support of Emma Stone. Stone has been called immensely sporting and vivacious. She has also graciously accepted the twerking and dancing challenges. This makes her one of the most fuss free movie stars to have come on the show.

Ellen DeGeneres also has an innate ability to get her guests to unwind on television. DeGeneres really knows how to get the most out of any celebrity. Her episode with Stone was absolutely epic to say the least.

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