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Destiny Guide: How to Acquire Old Iron Banner Armor?

Destiny Guide: How to Acquire Old Iron Banner Armor?

The quest for fame and glory does not end with the launch of Rise of Iron. This Destiny Guide will point you towards the classic Iron Banner armor.

Destiny: Rise of Iron heralded the expansion of the game’s lore to the past. It appears Old Russia was ruled by the enigmatic Iron Lords, and their absence gave the world a lot of problems. Now players have come to save the day, but the origins of the Iron Lords remain a mystery.

Players can already get some relics from the past through a lot of means. Shiro-4 already has a rotating inventory of Iron Banner items. Meanwhile, Lord Saladin can provide classic armor through Dusty Iron Engrams.

Regardless, it appears players can get their hands on a classic Iron Banner armor by following a simple process.

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Dusty Iron Engrams can be decrypted into armor pieces offered during Iron Banner from the first year of the game. Interestingly, fans who like wearing classic armor will understand that Iron Banners are updated throughout the expansions.

Weapons are still there as of the moment, but armors are only attainable via Dusty Iron Engrams.

However, a player from the Destiny subreddit discovered just how to get the armor piece you want.

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Destiny Guide: Unlock Your Destiny

Players will already know that Dusty Iron Engrams will cost 5 Silver Dust. This is gained in Radiant Treasure boxes or by dismantling Ornaments. The next best step is for players to fill up their armor slots except the one place they want the classic armor to go.

This means if a chest piece is desired, then players must equip armor on all slots except the chest piece. Interestingly, doing this will prompt the Cryptarch to only give armors to the slot you want.

However, if your armor type is not the type you want, you can go to Cryptarchs of other social spaces. Keep on repeating the previous process until the “No Space Available” message goes away. This means the Engram may have re-rolled itself to the armor you want.

Players should still remember that this will not always give the desired item parts. For instance, this can still draw from the Iron Regalia (Year One) and Breed (Year Two) sets.

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