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Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event: When will it Start and End?

Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event: When will it Start and End?

Niantic Labs will send a big “Thank you!” to its fans with the arrival of the Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event. However, how long will the festivities last?

Niantic has announced the event will officially start tomorrow, November 23 which is the day before thanksgiving. It will conclude next week Wednesday, November 30. Fans who would like to make their own calculations can convert their time zones here.

The event will begin exactly 00:00 UTC on November 23 and will end exactly on 00:00 UTC on November 30. This means the event will last for a week long but for fans, it’s enough to rake all the double XP.

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This marks the Thanksgiving Event as the second in-game event since its Halloween special. It can be remembered that the Halloween Event has brought a lot of players back to the game, especially with the increased drop rates.

With the game looming towards a massive update this December, players can also expect a Christmas special for the game.

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Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event: Double the XP, Double the Fun!

However, this time, it appears it’s double the fun. The Thanksgiving event features a massive XP boost for players. Playing the game normally and using functions such as catching or evolving Pokemon merits double the XP.

Niantic would have to clear if this accumulates if you use Lucky Eggs. It can be remembered that Lucky Eggs already merit twice the XP if you use them. If this is possible, then it’s just possible to earn quadruple XP for the entire event. However, only Niantic can make an official announcement for this.

Players are advised to start collecting Pokemon they want to evolve once more and wait for the start of the event. This may actually mean that players will finally have the boost they ever wanted to reach the Level 20 league and finally earn themselves some gyms.

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